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  1. So I should be alright? Alright, that's what I needed to know thanks!
  2. My SSD (960 evo 250gb) currently has 121gb free space. I have a game with long loading times on my HDD which I want to move there that is about 52gb. If I do this, will my computer still run fast? Or do I need as much free space as possible on my SSD?
  3. it is not. I tried to end the process, but it pops back up instantly. I eventually checked gforce experience and for some reason the interface wouldn't load. I terminated that process and the nvidia settings one and now the container process is finally gone.
  4. When I play Witcher 3, my gpu is almost at 0% while my cpu is at ~60%. This is bad according to you?
  5. I have never seen this process before, probably because it was so far down the list in terms of % cpu usage. Now it's on the very top with over 50% usage. Can I terminate this process or bring it down again in any way?
  6. I always thought that if cpu or gpu use 100% it is bad, meaning that they can barely pull through. My friend has an i7 something and a gtx 1080 and he claims his cpu and gpu were only using 40%
  7. 7640x is basically the 7600k with extremely small improvements that are not worth the price they asked for it. But I know nothing of computers so the seller convinced me to get it anyways. And yes the % fluctuates between 90 and 100%
  8. Was playing Ghost Recon Wildlands with a friend, most settings on ultra and I pull between 50-120fps depending on what is happening on screen and what area we are in. I decided to check my cpu and gpu usage and saw they were both using nearly 100% for the game. My computer did not seem laggy or anything though. I have a i5 7640x and a gtx 1070. Does this mean that my hardware should be upgraded?
  9. Hey, better safe than sorry right? I don't mind asking a noob question if it can potentially save me some trouble! Thanks for the answers.
  10. I know it's probably a noob question. But yeah. If I play a game like Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator for instance and I would spawn like a million units and start the game, can I damage my hardware? Because I want to test how many units I can get in while still getting an acceptable frame rate but I am a little scared in doing so.
  11. Below 50 C at all times. Things I run in the background are usually discord (minimized) steam (minimized) and logitech software for mouse and keyboard. Closing discord and steam does not appear to have any effect.
  12. Lately I seem to be dropping frames, or perhaps you would call them stutters. Very noticable in a game like osu! where every milisecond counts. these are my specs. I also have a samsung evo SSD. I've also noticed lower fps in League of Legends. With the settings I use, I used to have 200+ fps but now it hovers around 90-120 and sometimes spikes up again for a while. That fps is certainly still playable, but I can very clearly notice some sort of delay or something, and more screentearing. What could cause this? It started happening out of nowhere. EDIT: The main and most bothering issue here is the frame drops in osu!. Every 5/10 seconds the game seems to freeze for like a nano second or something. The sound continues normally. At the same time the game shows a little block in the bottom right corner. The game does this to show delay and framedrops. So something is definitely happening I'm not crazy. My previous 9 year old pc had 99 problems but frame drops weren't one. Why does my new good pc have this issue?
  13. These are the temps while playing League of Legends, a not very demanding game.
  14. Current temperatures: Computer has been turned on for about 10 minutes. Currently it is not underclocked, so I'm pretty sure it was all the filth that caused it! I could not see my cpu fan very clearly when I had my pc running yesterday, but there was such a ridiculous amount of dust in it. It could have not been spinning at all. Maybe that's why the temperatures rose so high.