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  1. ChocolateNachos

    Chinese Tools vs iFixit Kit!

    I actually bought this kit from ORIA on amazon with really similar tools, and it was a complete POS. It was only $27 US though.
  2. The Lenovo Thinkpad P52, as it is actually certified for VR development. Also, remember that $5 heatsink video you did? I found the copper version by Zalman in Micro Center for $40.
  3. Don't turn it on! If you see any corrosion on the internals, send it in for the insurance. Look at Louis Rossmann's video on the topic.
  4. I would do a Thinkpad P52s or P52.
  5. ChocolateNachos

    Laptop for Productivity / Gaming

    Last-gen HP ZBook X2? If you don't mind sacrificing the touchscreen, then a Thinkpad P52/P52S?
  6. ChocolateNachos

    Need a new phone

    If I were you, I would go on Austin Evans' channel and look at his video on the 3310 V2. He did a pretty good job of covering its features and disadvantages.
  7. ChocolateNachos

    Desktop PC suitcase for airline

    How about a used Pelican case? As long as you don't have a full-ATX build, it will probably fit. They are expensive, but you could probably sell it for the price you bought it for once you are done.
  8. ChocolateNachos

    Need a new phone

    Would the new Nokia 3310 V2 suffice? It has some smartphone features, like an app store and web browser but no touchscreen. From what i've seen it is pretty durable, so it may be a decent choice. The phones listed don't work out in my opinion, considering I wouldn't trust a Chinese phone brand now, and the Samsung comes from a seller more sketchy than a Kmart.
  9. Try using Display Driver Uninstaller to get rid of your drivers for your GPU, you may still have some old ones that are messing you up.
  10. Can somebody please make a chart pairing Intel CPUs with their closest AMD counterpart? I am building a new PC soon, and I am having trouble comparing whether I should get an AMD processor for my needs, or an Intel counterpart. If you somehow can, please include Ryzen CPUs! Thank you!