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  1. I dont want to stream to the xbox. I want that feature on my PC. I dont want the xbox involved at all. thanks tho <3
  2. Hey I'm looking for a program that allows me to cast videos to my PC similarly to the way the Xbox one and the Chromcast works. I have found some things on the internet that allows you to mirror your Android to your PC. But 1, that's not what I'm looking for. And 2, I don't have an android. Other then YouTube TV, which is also lame, especially if my room ate has an Xbox confusing everything. So, anyone know any programs of websites?
  3. Hey I was looking for emulators to play gameboy, n64 and possibly Xbox360/ps3? All I found were programs that just tried adding malware are other trash. What are some of the popular ones that won't give my computer virus' Thanks
  4. Jeez thanks man! youre a real hero my guy!
  5. I mean if you could that would be awesome thanks! and in terms of details, I've got 4 Bones Reds bearings (The universal skateboard bearing size). So any design with 3 wings like the one in the photo. Doesn't have to be fancy, but I mean fancy is cool too. And I don't know how you'd do the middle part where you put your fingers. So don't worry about it unless you want to. Thanks!
  6. Hey I'm looking to build my own fidget spinners. I have access to a 3D printer at my school and being a skateboarder I have plenty of bearings at hand. What I need are some 3D models of some that I can print. I have all the autoCad software. Or if anything I've tried to find proper dimensions for skateboard bearings with no luck so if anyone knows those that would at least get me started. Any 3D files or forums where people post stuff like this?
  7. I have a pro duo and it preforms just slightly better then the GTX 1080. Thats just what my experience has been like. The pro duo full msrp is a terrible deal but if you can find one around the same price as the 1080 then go for it. I traded on kijiji for mine. Got it for about $300.
  8. If youre only playing those games then its not big of a deal to upgrade but if you are wanting more Performance i would wait for Ryzen and Vega to release then look at some benchmarks. They look like theyre going to be pretty killer but who knows for sure right. If you cant wait for vega then i recommend going with a 1070 today and waiting for zen to drop. Uping your resolution will only strain your graphics card.
  9. Killer build! thanks man. You think 450W will be enough?
  10. My friend is looking to build a new PC for music production and gaming at 1080p. His budget is $1000 dollars Canadian which is roughly $750 USD. Id like to order the parts from NewEgg.ca or Amazon.ca Prime. I'd like to stick to Intel for the CPU and both AMD and Nvidia work for the GPU. Could you guys send me some builds?
  11. Yikes! my bad! Im pretty new here too. Good to know
  12. Yeah I have a hyper 212 evo and i really want an AIO for aesthetics and noise. Does the Kraken work along with the Hue+?