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  1. m.2 Samsung 960 evo

    thanks guys
  2. m.2 Samsung 960 evo

    hi , i have a samsung 960 EVO 250 GB only for windows and i was wondering if it has a special software that alows u to use it at its maximum speed ? i think i saw over the inernet a software that is usefull for my kind of m.2 Anyone knows soemthing about this subject ? thanks
  3. Storage

    i checked the manual and it seems that m.2_1 is sharing with SATA_1 the speed and m.2_2 PCIE is using SATA 5,6 so it remainst SATA 2 , 3 and 4 open
  4. Storage

  5. Storage

    hi , i have a Asus Prime Z270-A Motherboard and it has 2 slots for m.2 pcie , if i install both m.2 drives , will i be able to put later extra hdd or ssd in the sata ports ?
  6. Air or Liquid ?

    hi , i have an Asus Prime Z270-A motherboard , i5-6600k CPU , MSI GTX 1070 GPU in a Be Quiet Silent Base 600 Window and im curious what would with better for cpu cooling, Air or AIO ? was thinking at Air Cooling Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8 or Liquid Cooling NZXT Kraken X62 or Kraken 61 maybe ? not sure what to chose or maybe other brand that fits better ?
  7. NVME m.2

    well i wasnt planing to , not to familiar on how to set it up even if it gives more speed but i thing the single m.2 will provide enough , also any idea on the software instalation on a nvme m.2 ? do i need to set up something from bios in order to be able to install a fresh clean windows 10 and boot it from it ? and would a usb stick be good to boot win from ? or cd ?
  8. NVME m.2

    hi , i am thinking on purchasing Asus Z270-A motherboard , it has 2 m.2 sockets on it , i want to install 2 Samsung 960 EVO NVME m.2 on it , but im not sure if it will work , on the manual it says tha 1 socked is dedicated for m.2 (SATA and PCIE) and the other one for PCIE only , im confused as i dont know much about the difference between m.2 drives, also im planing to put an i5 6600k processor on it and GTX 1070. any help would be apreciated
  9. NVME m.2

    ok thanks for sugestion
  10. NVME m.2

    ah ok its i5 6600k
  11. NVME m.2

    what do you mean ? i need motherboard in order to respond to that question wich is why i am here .. to chose a motherboard with NVME m.s slot support i was thinking Asus Z170-A or Asus Z170 PRO ... let me worry about that , i already have Samsung 960 EVO 250 GB NVME m.2 SSD and i want to pair it with a good motherboard
  12. NVME m.2

    hi , can you guys give me some options of motherdoards in a maximum of 160 USD that have NVME m.2 slot ?
  13. Asus

    well i am planing to use i5 6600k and single GPU
  14. Asus

    hi guys , i was wondering what gaming motherboard from Asus is best fitting for gaming in a budget of 150 $ US ?
  15. 3-step fan controller

    10x 4 the help