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  1. Quick question, does anyone know when non-Z370 Coffee lake motherboards will be coming out? Cheers Jackson
  2. Jackson D

    Chinese laptops, yay or nah?

    The laptop looks kind of quality like a Mac, and overall looks like the exterior is somewhat quality. However I would expect better specs for something around that price, e.g. a four core processor and a dedicated gpu. Also sometimes with these chinese laptops they have a chinese only operating system which needs to be reinstalled if you want an English version. Also gearbest and other chinese websites dont have the best reputation for working products and often have some form of exterior from handling, testing, repackaging, etc. If you have any other question feel free to ask. Kind Regards, Jackson
  3. Jackson D

    Non-Z370 Coffee Lake Motherboards

    Thanks, I just want an i5-8400 with a cheap Mobo but its taking for ever. Now I know when.
  4. Jackson D

    $3500 Friend Build

    Also maybe a bigger SSD.
  5. Jackson D

    $3500 Friend Build

    4K monitor? Or does he just want FPS?
  6. Jackson D

    GPU for cheapish build

    I want to do a build with a Pentium G4400 but I have heard that it can be a major bottle neck any recommendations?
  7. Jackson D

    GPU for cheapish build

    Ok thank you I was thinking about either the rx 480 or maybe the 1050 but the 480 is a little pricey, so I guess it's the perfect balance.
  8. Jackson D

    GPU for cheapish build

    Arma 3, GTA V and Rust. All I want is medium settings, 1080p and 60fps
  9. Jackson D

    Upgrading PC

    There is a slight problem as the motherboard you have has the lga 1150 socket and newer boards have a different socket. But if you don't want to upgrade a motherboard a i5 4690k should do the trick as it out performs the i5 6600k in some areas, although the i5 4690k is a little expensive. To be honest you could even just leave your CPU but and upgrade may stop any possible bottlenecks if there would be one.
  10. Jackson D

    Lag free, Work PC

    It would probably work for 4K videos although depending on the game it may struggle to run 4K.
  11. Jackson D

    Upgrading PC

    If you wanted a NVIDIA GPU because of shadow play and the optimisation features of NVIDIA Experience. I would have to say either the 970 or 980 as the 970 performs similarly to the RX 480. I just saw a benchmark on the 970 on ultra 1080p and the lowest was 69 fps and it averaged around 114. You could probabaly get 200fps on low easy.
  12. Jackson D

    NVIDIA 960 or Radeo RX 480 for 4k?

    To be perfectly honest I think that both of the cards aren't really made for 4K but statistically the rx480 is slightly better and it comes pretty close to a gtx 970
  13. Hi all, I am wanting to build a $215 "Potato PC" for my litte brother as I am trying to get him into PC Gaming. I understand that the build will probably have some major botlenecks and whatnot, however before I got the beast I have today I used my grandads old computer from 2006 or 2007, which cost him around $3000 AUD at the time. And to my suprise I could run Arma 3, I love it dearly but it would be incorrect to say it is well optimised. I know the graphics card was something similar to the ATI Radeon X1950 XTX and the motherboard was a ASUS P5QL motherboard going on the LGA775 socket. I wanted to know weather this would be optimal or weather you would recommend something else? Thanks