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  1. I just posted a question on a different channel re-posting here, hope to see vSAN performance on x-16 PCIe Home lab setup.
  2. @Linus Sebastian I saw this Youtube video the other day I was wondering how these drives would perform on home labs for HCI vSAN cluster, may be you can setup a three node vSAN All-Fassh cluster similarly and run HCIbench (https://flings.vmware.com/hcibench) to show how home users to can take advantage of Liquid Element PCIe cards for home labs.
  3. Hi, I found that the sharing feature is available with nvidia grid k1 and k2 cards , just wanted to check if that can be mimicked with standard pc cards . please see http://www.nvidia.com/content/grid/pdf/grid-vgpu-deployment-guide.pdf
  4. HelloEveryone, I just wanted to check if anyone has tried shared graphics card for different vms by on running them esxi 6.5 . I know pass thru has been around for sometime , just wanted to see if anyone has tried sharing a single gfx card . I am yet to build a pc ill be going for a radeon 480 and later crossfire . Full build : Intel processors i7 6th Core 6800K - CPU MSI X99S GAMING 7 Motherboard -Motherboard Samsung 750 EVo -250GB -SSD G.skill 8GB 2400MHz -RIPJAW -DDR4 Ram Seasonic 750Watt Modular Power - SMPS/PSU Rx 480 Asus or MSI - GPU Cabinet NZXT Cabinet Phantom 410 -Full Tower Cosrair H90 140mm Liquid -CPU Cooler