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  1. No on the website it is clearly saying $1 for first month.
  2. So I decided to visit Dollar Shave Club with the link in the description but things aren't how Linus' described it to be.... Linus was talking how you can get first month for free and all that good stuff but its actually $1.... I don't know what happened there but this problem is actually on some other videos too.
  3. I am planning on doing some pretty heavy work on it, and a side laptop if I need something else. Actually it is with my research anyway. I've also looked into the Precision 5510, which is basically the same as the XPS 15 with more customizations.
  4. I am planning on buying the high end version of the Dell XPS 15 with Kaby Lake core i7, GTX 1050, and 16 GB of RAM. I am wondering if that'll be good enough to last me about 6-8 years. I understand that if I want high performance throughout the years I would need to upgrade. However, if I just want to do daily work would it be enough while not being slow? Or do you guys have some other advice for me?
  5. I am looking for a pair of headphones right now, will you mind to give me some input? I am debating on 4 with the Sony 1000x, Sennheiser Momentum Wireless, Sennheiser PXC 550, and the Bose QC 35. I've basically pretty much eliminated the QC 35 as of right now. I am aware that the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless does has the best audio quality but I am willing to sacrifice that little audio quality for other features. What do you think? Is there a reason why you chose the PXC 550 when the Momentum Wireless and the 1000x are in the same price range? Your advice would help me a lot. Thank you!
  6. Which one is better? I'm assuming that the audio quality are very similar so ignoring that part for now. Price is different and the PXC 550 actually costs more than the Momentum Wireless at $400 vs $350 for the Momentum Wireless. Features wise the PXC 550 beats the Momentum Wireless no question, though the Momentum Wireless wins for the audio quality. For Linus' latest headphone review I was actually surprised that he didn't put the Momentum Wireless against the Quiet Comfort 35 from Bose. Also I am not sure how long these headphone will last, hopefully more than 10 years? They are headphones after all. This is why I am willing to invest so much because I think it'll be worth it in the long run. So what do you guys think? Are the extra features worth it on the PXC 550 for the trade of a little audio quality. I'm thinking yes but input on from you guys would be awesome. Thank you!
  7. Which proves that my previous title of it being "leaked" actually makes sense. It wasn't formally revealed.
  8. But isnt nvidia usually better for mid to high end graphics card? So why is the 1060 a bad option compared to the rx
  9. How long would this to be release XPS 15 last? I plan on getting it once it comes out.
  10. I have no idea what that is lol Mind explaining to me?
  11. Why go for that, when they could have went for 1060?
  12. I just copied his title. i guess its why reveal is also in there, he also mentioned that it wasn't formally released.