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  1. A bad choice brings a picture of the riddle. The purpose was to say K.I.A. 08/2017. Bullet proof vests are not helpful for large caliber rifles. For GreenZombie, C.K.
  2. Two times I asked to remove the GreenZombie user ID. Let's make it still and publicly. The picture below shows the situation. So and still I'm not GreenZombie but a friend who makes the last call.
  3. How would it be Asus Cerberus. I have a couple of pieces of these. In version one there is a blue and red backlight, Version two is RGB. https://www.asus.com/us/Keyboards-Mice/Cerberus-Keyboard/
  4. Is this okay Phobya UltraBig Watercase V.1 Black Edition
  5. There is no need to pay for Windows because I would never even consider installing Windows on my computer.
  6. In case of windows installation, then the computer is definitely not mine. Computer comes with a list of programs that will be installed Also comes a box of beer and a bottle or two bourbon 1. Open the first bottle of bourbon and place the beer in the fridge. 2. I install Windows (I hate Windows). 3. More bourbon, cold beer, and driver installation. 4. Update Windows, more bourbon and beer. 5. Required programs. Usually AVG, libreoffice, gimp, firefox, thunderbird ....... ??? 6. Testing that everything works well. 7. More bourbon and beer. 8. And calling the computer owner, get this fucking windows shit out. 9. When the computer is fetched it is time to open another Bourbon bottle and hopefully forget about the entire computer. If in my own computer I have ready to go pre-installed linux on ssd disk.
  7. All DVD and BD disks have worked at least on my computer. Linux Mint, i 5-3350P, 8Gb DDR3, GeForce Gt 730. From the Menu menu, you can select a region code.
  8. Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi !!! https://kodi.tv/download
  9. Asus motherboards have ASUS CrashFree BIOS, which works well. I had to use that feature.
  10. My computer is on 24/7. Then when the computer "breaks down" is of course the time to buy new parts / a whole computer. This will at least come from a regularly updated computer.
  11. To get a "costly" look from the computer, I added a fan adjustment panel. Wow why no such panels were before. The cheap looking computer turned into a "luxury computer". The minus side of the control panel cost 49.90 €.