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    Music, Tech (Soft- and Hardware), Gaming, Basketball, Anime, E-Sports
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    Intel Core i5-3570k
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    AsRock Z77 Extreme 4
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    8GB Corsair Vengeance LP Black
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    Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3X OC
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    Corsair Grafite 600t gunmetal
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    128GB Samsung 830ssd, WD Cavier Blue 1TB
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    BeQuiet! Straight Power 580W CM 80+ Gold
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    Samsung S24B350H, old Samsung 900p second screen (meh!)
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    Swiftech H220 (broken), BeQuiet! Dark Rock 2
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    Logitech G19
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    Logitech G9x
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    Asus Xonar Essence Stx with Beyerdynamic Dt990 Home Premium 600Ohms, Logitech Z623 (meh!)
  1. Well it's something :D. Still better than the guy who threw away his harddrive and is now digging through a huge scrapyard.... I think....
  2. I am not expecting anything. It is my own stupidity, really. And believe me when I say that I would kick my own ar*e if I could. I just thought, that there is a program that helps me trying out all combinations instead of doing it manually. I encrypted it with winrar itself. My investment at that time were 100 euros (Bitcoin was at 1 BTC = 2050 Euro). If I will never remember it then this is a life lesson learned. Will see.
  3. Hey Guys, does anyone know of a capable Brute Forcing Programm for decrypting a .rar achive? For some backround (this is a little bit embarassing): In July i bought my first bitcoins, so I have made an account on Bitcoin.de, downloaded a wallet (Bitcoin Core), encrypted this wallet and backed it up. Everything there was to know I wrote down in notepad. Like the password of bitcoin.de and the passphrase of the bitcoin core wallet. When everything was finished and I had the bitcoins in my wallet, I took the txt file and saved it in an archive I also encrypted. Here I used a combination of some of my standard passwords. This combination I wrote on a piece of paper and put it in the drawer of my desk which can be locked. So, now bitcoins are going through the roof I wanted to at least get the money I spend back, so the rest of the bitcoins can do what ever they want (i wouldn't lose any money). But since then I moved to a different apartment and the desk I used where I stored the password for the .rar archive broke so i replaced it. I thought I would remember the password but any combination I checked is wrong but I know the passwords I used for this combination. So does anyone know something that can help me with my problem? I was thinking about a programm which takes a list of your own words and checks every combination there is. Most of the brute force programs I found are really shady or only allow 4 digits which is way to short. I am looking for a password with a length of 19 to 24 digits and every PW I used in this combination is either 7 or 8 digits long (plus some symbols which are also known). I know that this can take ages but I really would like to try it and since I know parts of it maybe it will work. Regards Marc
  4. I have this Dell Monitor as my main one. First off, for the price it is excellent. And about 3 weeks ago I watched Linus' video on monitor overclocking and since mine is going to be out off warranty in just a month I gave it a shot. First I tried 70 hz and it worked flawlessly. 75 hz was also no problem. So I got to 82 hz on my panel when it started not showing an image or flaking out. Maybe 80hz is also safe but I toned it back to 75hz and I am happy with it. What I encountered though was it helps a lot if you got your games running with more than 60 fps consistently. Dips in Fps are still very noticeable if they go below 60 fps but it is a whole new experience if they don't (since i got my 1070, that problem is resolved :D). And i kid you not when I say, that the biggest impact was in Aoe II HD Edition (But it was in the time when the new expansions arrived and with them a new update, so who knows :P) So I would say go for it. Don't risk too much by going all in at once, but I am pretty sure that you are clever enough to figure that out. I wish you good luck.
  5. Yes. After I started the thread, I switched between chrome and firefox. And I have to say, that firefox seems fine. It sits 25% with the same tabs as I mentioned above (Firefox and Flash combined). So I will continue to use Firefox. I am pretty sad and annoyed with Chrome. Never thought that my browser will be the biggest problem for my setup. And I know that chrome is huge, but could never imagined this. But nevertheless I am curios about people using the same setup: 3570K and chrome.
  6. Windows is fresh installed. Maybe 2 weeks old and it happends right after installing. I use chrome and i have like 10 or more chrome tasks. This readout is 3 tabs of chrome. One twitch stream, one e3 youtube video and linustechtips open.
  7. Temps are ok. Never over 50 degrees celsius. So I don't think it is that. Naijin: constant 4 Ghz. My cooler is a Dark Rock II from beQuiet!. radical guild: I don't think that 4 years is old for browsing the internet and I have the problems maybe for a couple of months (not in 2015). My first guess was the RAM (8GB dual channel) but it never touches 100% - planning on upgrading it... so yeah. Nothing I can do about that for a while.
  8. Hey guys, I wonder if I have an issue with my Processor. The Problem is, that I always have a high load on it. I'd say 30% when ideling, but when I open Chrome it goes too 60% in no time. Sure I watch a lot of streams but after 2 - 3 Streams simultaneously it sits at 100%. I didn't had the problem in the beginning but now it is getting pretty annoying. Fresh Win 10 Pro install, still the same problem. My notebook handles it better even :D. It's clocked a 4 GHz. Do some of you have the same problems? Or sit it just me. Greetings
  9. I would use this little guy for a mobil media and gaming device. Especially when I'm on my way to some friends, because they aren't this techheavy. With my relativly new laptop you could easily make a 2 player lan or something
  10. Can't decide between the cooler and the power supply, both are great, but a power supply is really what I need right now, so I would go with it
  11. Hey Guys, I don't want any suggestions or something, I was just wondering what is most popular in the LTT community. Greetings
  12. I just want to thank you for your awesome content, the LTT Forum and especially the WAN Show which, even though I am living in Europe, I watch everytime . Love you guys
  13. Man does it look shitty if you mark your own reply as solved
  14. I thought about it, but I think I will wait. Not because the 980 is going to be around (if this is a reason, i will never get a new card ). I will wait till my monitor arrives and then check which card I will need.
  15. As I said, Normally its about 200 bucks more here. The only reason i am considering it, is because it is cheaper than a normal 780ti