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  1. WoW this TB3 connection is turning out to be another RTX scam. It's been almost 3 years that eGPUs confirmed they are overpriced and are underperforming up untill a TB4 or USB4 will be available. At this point I was hoping I could use my TB3 port at least for a unified one cable solution for devices and screen but seems no docking station supports more than 60 Hz. The only one I could find is this one https://www.elgato.com/es/dock/thunderbolt-3-mini but it has limited IO, at this point my TB3 is useless because I can achieve an easier setup with 2 cables: one for my screen with the mini display port and one for all my other devices with my existing AUKEY USB 3 dock that includes a gigabit Ethernet port.
  2. Drexo

    144hz through docking station

    I was wondering exactly the same thing but doing a rapid search on the forum I didn't find this post untill now so I made my own. Anyway I kept looking for such docks and I found one but it has limited IO, Just the basic, but it supports up to 2 screens at 4K and 60Hz or 144Hz. It just doesn't specify how many screens nor at what resolution with the faster refresh rate: https://www.elgato.com/es/dock/thunderbolt-3-mini It's almost perfect if it had more IO.
  3. Hi all. I was just wondering. I'm close to buying a new gaming laptop with thunderbolt 3. I would really like to make a clean desktop setup using a one cable solution with a TB3 dock / dongle for connecting peripherals and my external 144 Hz 27" screen but everywhere I look, any of these docks only support 4K at 30 Hz at most. I'll use my external screen at 1080p at most for gaming but is there any dock that outputs with HDMI or either mini DP at 1080p and 144 Hz? I cannot find one or it isn't either specified the refresh rate at other resolutions. I need to know just in order to organize differently the table setup with just a USB 3.0 dock and a dedicated mini DP cable for the screen. Thanks.
  4. Yes I'll be buying from the US. I'll just keep waiting, maybe something better may come up
  5. I just want to update and close as resolved, my keyboard drama with a huge self-facepalm . I've been using my MacBook Air keyboard wrong for all these past years. I always switched the keyboard layout in Mac OS with the Command+Space combination whenever I needed accents for Spanish and Italian without knowing my built in English keyboard had dedicated keys for all accents and "ñ" key. I'm still looking for a fast shortcut for the "€" key but doesn't matter know, I don't use it that often. For this I'm using the US International keyboard profile, but the standard US works too. On the presumption all other laptop keyboards are the same it's go time for me, I'll be buying all my next laptops from the US from now on, fuck the outraguous prices in my country just in order to have a local keyboard. I'll still keep using my bluetooth Spanish keyboard when working at home but with this easy trick I can use any laptop English layout keyboard from now on, no physical keyboard replacement needed. Hope it's useful for somebody else, even if everybody may have already knew about it except me . Cheers.
  6. I appreciate the effort but I have found none of the recent 2019 model laptops locally: 9th gen Intel CPUs and neither Nvidia GTX 16 series or RTX laptops for that matter, that is why I'm looking for alternatives directly from the US. Here everyone insists on selling laptops from 1 and a half years ago like recent products and are not even trying to create sales to get rid of these leftovers nobody clearly wants. I have found most of the models I'm interested in the US: 2019 Dell G series, 2019 Acer Nitros, but the one I like the most and is the most compatible with my needs, the Acer Aspire 7, I still cannot find it sold anywhere.
  7. I live in Mexico. My budget is preferably between 700-1200$. My usage is for regular productivity, occasional gaming and occasional graphics designing. Dimentions can vary but I'd prefer something portable enough under 2 Kg weight. Around 5 hours battery life.
  8. Because I can't find any of the other models either in my country. Most of them are refresh from CES 2019
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for the new 2019 model of the Acer Aspire 7, it comes equipped with 9th gen i7 and a GTX 1650. You could find the first version, equipped with the Kaby Lake-G series and a Vega MG L but this version it's been scrubbed. Does anyone have any news on it? Where to get it or if it's been actually delayed? This thing it's been shown for the first time at IFA 2018 last year in Germany and it should be out already. From what I can gather it's being released in April of this year but it's nowhere to be seen. Same goes for the new 2019 series of Swifts, Spin and Chromebook 714 and 715...all laptops I'm interested in too as alternatives. I've been stalking this machine for almost a year, it's my perfect next laptop, does anyone have any hints? Thanks. This is what I know so far: https://news.acer.com/select-acer-notebooks-will-ship-with-nvidia-geforce-gtx-16-series-gpus https://gadgets.ndtv.com/acer-aspire-7-2019-13011 https://www.ultrabookreview.com/26511-acer-aspire-7-a715-73g-review/ https://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-unveils-the-Aspire-7-and-Aspire-5-with-Intel-Kaby-Lake-G-and-Whiskey-Lake-U-options.327060.0.html
  10. The irony is, who says they wont sell? I bet anyone who is not an English native will prefer his own language layout over another. I'm Italian but live in Mexico and I prefer either my native Italian layout or either the Spanish one since they share similar accents. If you think about it, it wouldn't be necessary to switch the entire keyboard, only the important key caps, things would be easier for everyone this way, for manufacturers and clients.
  11. I get it but it's counter intuitive. Some change is needed.
  12. The keyboard layout I need are not sold not even in my country, that is my original point. The only ones are sold in malls and shops and of course are old as balls. The layouts I need, are either Spanish or Italian and they do exist.
  13. There's no problem with desktop keyboards, I can directly buy the one with the layout I want I already have those.