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    Gigabyte Z97MX-Gaming 5
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    Kingston 16Gb
  • GPU
    Asus strix 1080Ti
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    256 KB kingston SSD 2x 1tb WD blues
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    Samsung U28E590D
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. so, recently my GPU has decided to stop outputting any video without a boatload of restarts and or displayport changes, i sent it to the retailer and they said it works fine, ive had the PC built for a year, 0 issues at all but then all the sudden this started happening. i really dont wanna send it to a shop to troubleshoot but i cant have a PC that wont start reliably.
  2. well, that hasnt been a issue before it became a problem a few days ago
  3. not yet, i need to get a new Displayport cable to reliably get a output to my monitor
  4. well they are working, just not on boot. i have no issues when i get past boot
  5. thing is, this started happening about a year after i built the PC, its been working flawlessly up until a few days ago when the display output started being wierd, had to do several hard resets in a row just to get a videofeed, then this started happening.
  6. Hi, so recently ive had issues with my USB ports not registering my keyboard before i get past the boot screen, so i get popped into the "American Megatrends" screen that says theres 4 hubs connected (theres 6) and no keyboard detected, thing is 5 seconds later it works fine, no issue, anyone know a fix to this?
  7. So, recently my PCs decided that when i start my PC, its gonna take me 15-20 seconds before my keyboard and mouse gets "active" so every time i start my PC i get that "American Megatrends" boot screen saying theres no KB and mouse, now this isnt stopping my PC from working, but its hella annoying to look at. anyone know of a fix?
  8. no its more of a 7 cables 1 wich splits into 2 and then all connect to a 8x.
  9. https://cablemod.com/product/cablemod-pro-modmesh-c-series-axi-hxi-rm-cable-kit-black-blood-red/ this is the product i got.
  10. so, i have several 8 pins, 2 wich say PSU on one end, and 1 that has 1 wire split at one end, no clue wich is what
  11. Ok, in a unusual spot theres a 3.1 wich appears to have the same female connector, my case has a 3.1 and a 3.0
  12. so, im a bit confused as to how i connect my front 3.0 from my Corsair 570x case, am i missing something here?