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  1. ohh i have to try it then, never did that for once
  2. it cover up the whole display.
  3. By any chance is this happening because all the movies i've played so far; is 1080p movies. Sometimes i do note that whenever i click the full screen it felt laggy. But in shorter screen it feels smooth
  4. yes it feels normal in games, connected the monitor with display port and tv with the hdmi. Using Vlc player, windows movies player, kmp player. all felt same
  5. But if it's a faulty monitor then it should occur in playing games, isn't it?
  6. yea i meant it doesn't feel smooth. it's a 60 hz ips panel
  7. so i am using Asus PB298q 29 inch ultra wide (21:9) monitor with a resolution of 2560*1080. The only thing that bothers me is that whenever i watch movies; it feels a bit laggy. i ran the same exact movie in my Sony Bravia 50 inch 1080p 3d Tv. But it was way better than the monitor. Anyone with ultra wide monitors facing the same issue? Tried with different software but the problem remain unresolved
  8. Thanks, ur red & white looks damn good. TBH i never tried using custom water coolings but it inspired me so much that may be one day i'll build my own dream rig with all those fancy blocks BTW which color paint or spray u'll suggest for painting fans and chasis body. Can u provide me any links from amazon or newegg?
  9. I haven't done any sort of modding into this Noctis 450 chasis yet. So it's got it's default side panel with tilted acrylic window panel
  10. I was about to take EVGA but has got serious VRam heating issue, HOF isn't available in our country, so unfortunate. Regarding X62, didn't liked the way it showed up RGB (personal preference though), like simplicity.
  11. Skylake I7 6700k Msi z170 M Power Gaming Titanium Edition Avexir Raiden 4*4 = 16GB DDR4 @3000 Nzxt kraken X61 cooler (push-pull set up) Evga Supernova 550 G2 80+ Gold Psu Zotac 1070 Founder Edition 3 TB segate Baracuda 2 TB Segate Baracuda 2 TB WD Green Samsung 850 evo 250 GB ssd Zotac premium edition 240GB ssd Asus PB298Q 29 inch ultra wide monitor Corsair strafe RGB cherry mx Blue KB Corsair M65 pro RGB mice Corsair MM300 extended mice pad Audio Technical ATH - M50x BitFeniX Alchemy white LED strip Noctis 450 white chasis PS4 Pro Yamaha RX - A1050 Av receiver JBL Es80 Front, JBL Studio 120c Center JBL 150 Sub, Bose 151 surround channel Sony W800B 50 inch 3D TV