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    Poland, Skoczów
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    i5 7600K
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    Gigabyte G1 Z170X Gaming 7
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    2x 8GB Crucial @2666MHz, CLsomething
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1070 Sea Hawk (EK Waterblocks)
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    Big, black, old, weights 15kg
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    Kingston V300 60GB, Toshiba 1TB, Samsung HD403LJ, Toshiba MK2035GSS
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    Fortron Raider 750W (only one that can handle voltage drops in my house)
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    Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD
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    Silent Not_a_bong_cooling
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    A4 Tech X-Slim KV-300
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    Roccat Kone Pure Optical Black Edition 5000Dpi!
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    Creative Sound Core 3d + 5.1 home theater setup
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    Windows 10 :(

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  1. On my monitor (HP) there is sharpness setting. If I set it to 0 I also get blurry text, but if I set it to 3 (default) everything is very clear. Maybe try that.
  2. I figured it out! This is a very interesting behaviour for lower end HDR monitors and it might help others with troubleshooting. Local dimming is disabled in “HDR gaming - FreeSync” mode! It adjusts backlight backlight in zones, so it greatly improves contrast for HDR and is necessary for HDR 600 standart this monitor is certified for. So basicially with FreeSync enabled our monitor becomes HDR 400 instead of HDR 600. If it notified the system and GPU about that, it would just displayed a bit worse image. But it doesn’t, so it has to squish higher dynamic range to a smaller one, as without local dimming it can’t get parts of the monitor as bright and as dark. This is why there are artifacts, washed out colours and loss of dark details. So this is not a problem with my monitor, but a design decision, as it probably would be way harder for the monitor to both controll the backlight so precisely and adapt the refresh rate. So I get why HP did that. But anyways, this is not what I paid for! In the description this was VESA HDR 600 certified and FreeSync monitor. And I can get either that HDR range in “VESA HDR 600” mode, or FreeSync working and broken and lower pec HDR in “HDR Gaming - FreeSync” mode. I would be completely fine with that, if it was stated anywhere in the description. I am going to keep this monitor, because the colours and contrast are amazing, and it is way cheaper in Poland than any other HDR monitor, but I already contacted HP to fix the description, and the shop for partial refund. I will see what comes out of this.
  3. My idea was to somehow force FreeSync in the modes where colors work properly (that VESA HDR) using CRU. The problem is, that the monitor is identified the same way in any of the modes and shows a FreeSync range even when there is no option in Nvidia Controll Panel. Does anybody know Custom Resolution Utility enough that can tell me how or even if it is possible?
  4. No, GSync (FreeSync) option only comes up in Nvidia Control Panel when that problematic "HDR Gaming - FreeSync" mode is chosen in the monitor settings, in "VESA HDR 600" and "HDR Video" it just isn't there.
  5. The problem exists even when "GSync" is disabled. My monitor itself has different modes, and with the only FreeSync one HDR is broken. Enabling or disabling FreeSync in GPUsttings doesn't change a thing. So problem persists even when GSync is disabled, monitor says FreeSync is disabled, but is in "HDR Gaming - FreeSync" mode. More pictures, this is how it looks in person, not just artifacts from my camera.
  6. [Now I at least know why it happens, see my newest post] My brand new HP Pavilion Gaming 32 HDR monitor has 2 options of HDR: "VESA HDR 600" (and "HDR Video" which looks exactly the same) and "HDR Gaming - FreeSync". First one looks beautiful, exactly as it should, but doesn't allow Freesync. The second one has really bizarre artifacts. The darks go pretty dark and then completely dark. Also there are a lot of color artifacts. And the image is different too, brighter overall. I tried messing with Nvidia Controller Panel color settings, but nothing helps. My only clue is that even though there is a 10 bit color option, I can't apply it. I click apply, but immediately reverts to 8 bit color. Shouldn't HDR be 10 bit? Maybe that's the problem. Oh, and I am using an Nvidia GPU. I don't know if that's the root cause of the problem, I know a person with an AMD GPU nearby, but this monitor is so big and heavy I will delay bringing it to him as much as possible. HDR Gaming - Freesync modeHDR 600 mode
  7. ...and after 5-15s turns back on again giving me a hearth attack. It's a Laing DDC-1T connected to a FSP Fortron Raider 750W via a cable which isn't connected to anything else but water pump. All hard drives are connected to an other lead. It turns itself off and turns back on usually after 10s, but a few times it took it like 30, so then I was really stressed. My whole PC (including pump) is brand new (has like 2 weeks). The only thing that could cause problems that I use an open water cooling, third revision of this (haven't yet updated that topic with photos). But the pump behaved like that since it was brand new and I use a filter on the intake . Does anybody have any idea? Could it be some powersaving features of the MB or PSU? Oh, and in my house we have very low voltage and it sometimes it drops. My computer was having bluescreens 'till I changed the PSU to an overkill. Could it be that it has problems supplying that much voltage over molex?
  8. An update: I haven't stopped developing it, won bronze medal at Polish nationalwide physics competition with that project, and now finally created a Youtube video! (well... I'm rubbish at talking to the camera) And a mini version of my cooling. Here are some of the best photos and the final project. watermark_Prezentacja 0.93Eng.pdf 1_właściwy_wir.avi
  9. It would be much better to use compressor (like in big fridges).
  10. Not a masterpiece. But I think it's simple. The boxes are from Ferrero Roche
  11. I've updated my cooling. Changed base reservoir to to smaller and transparent (I had extreme luck, I've found it in shop and it fits edge-to-edge!), mounted tubing properly and added some other improvements. And I've added lightning, but I will only use it to show-off and turn it off for every day use, 'cos I don't want to be distracted. This was reason to make it quiet in the first place, so why now ruine it? I also wanted it to look as Polish flag and in person it looks that way. I'm now testing different chemicals for making water fresh, Carex soap seems to work suprisingly well. I've been using it for 1,5 month on my main PC and for now it is reliable and really usable. Please tell me if you have any advices or questions. I just want to know if anybody cares.
  12. Do you already have one? If yes some people plug water pumps directly to their motherboards so they can decrease its speed to make it quieter. If you want to by something for that price big air coolers should be quieter.
  13. And everything depends on your budget. E.g. Zenbook is really portable and has dGPU but is quite expensive.
  14. If you would find some foam use it to fill the gaps it will also help you with vibrations
  15. @0ld_ChickenThanks for the link. His work just looks amazing, but it's totally different target. I bet mine is not that much hotter, it is nearly completly silent while he has 4 fans and droplets falling falling from 0,5m. And mine was made to be unhearable. Also his one extremly complicated. But that towel cooler is really clever. And on the other hand mine looks like sh!t. I need to work on this. But as it is hidden behind my desk and I don't have to show it off it is ok.