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  1. it’s not even booting is what I’m having trouble with.
  2. When powering on the pc the motherboard orange power light turns on along with the rgb lighting on the motherboard. The graphics card is plugged in , but not video signal on monitor. Whats the problem ?
  3. I want to get a new keyboard because I currently have the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, but it does not have dedicated media keys. I want a mechanical keyboard under $100 with dedicated media keys and I don’t care if it has rgb lighting. If it has lighting I would prefer red. Shoot me some suggestions.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has experience with Intel optane and whether or not it helps that much? If it does help should I get the 32gb or 16gb?
  5. Thank you for the quick response and it doesn’t implicitly say warranty void. It’s just ugly
  6. I recently bought a Amd Radeon Rx 570 4gb red dragon powercolor graphics card from microcenter and it has an ugly yellow quality control sticker on the backplate. Would removing this sticker void the warranty you buy from microcenter ?
  7. If plugged in wrong can it damage the led strip?
  8. My motherboard has a rgbw header and I wanted to add a led strip, but don’t want to buy one with the white to save money. Can I plug a 4 pin plug into a 5 pin just don’t use white?
  9. My brother just built a pc and we were trying to find a game under $20 to play together. We like playing shooters,survival, and zombie games. Recommend what games we should get?
  10. Mostly fortnite maybe some older games.
  11. I know an intel pentium g3258 @4.2ghz will bottleneck a Gtx 970 4gb, but how much will it effect performance?
  12. What drivers should I use for the 970 heard that Nvidia is adding graphics limiters in the new updates so older card become obsolete sooner
  13. Would an intel pentium g4560 be better?
  14. A intel pentium g3258 @4.2ghz and a Rx 470 4gb with 8gb of ddr3 ram
  15. Is furmark useful for cheking stability of gpu overclocks?
  16. Now max temp went to 80c but it’s no consistent
  17. My new Rx 570 4gb gets up to 76c full load is this safe and would getting a better power supply help at all?
  18. I already have some old parts and he just wants to play fortnite. The parts I have right now are as listed Cpu:Intel pentium g3258 mobo:ASRock z97 anniversary Psu:Evga 430 watt case: Corsair spec 01 Can someone give me options for a hard drive, 8gb ddr3 ram, and a Gpu that won’t bottleneck with this cpu
  19. Would you say better than the ASUS 1050 ti Cerberus Gpu?
  20. I want to get an Rx 570 4gb and this is the only one my microcenter has is it a good brand for Amd anyone experienced with power color products. https://www.microcenter.com/product/478703/Red_Dragon_AXRX_Radeon_RX-570_Dual-Fan_4GB_GDDR5_PCIe_Video_Card
  21. Anyone else have a tempered glass pc case and if so how do you keep your glass clean