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  1. I completely forgot to mention that I want them for my phone. iPhone 7+ if it matters
  2. I just want good sound doesn’t need to be studio accuracy. I would prefer the sound stays in the headphones. No I don’t need them for gaming.
  3. I have a budget of 199.99 usd before tax. I’ll take any recommendations for over ear and in ear. These are the only criteria.
  4. No I meant the speed of it. Wait is the picture not visible?
  5. Is this stock for a Msi gtx 1060 6gb gaming x?
  6. I have a dedicated streaming pc with a Elgato 4k60 pro. What software is needed on my streaming pc? Is there any software at all required on the gaming pc? If I use voicemeter banana do I download it to the gaming pc or streaming pc?
  7. How do I do the wiring ? Do I plug the gaming pc hdmi into the input of the streaming pc capture card? Do I need the output of the capture card? Do I plug my webcam into the streaming pc or gaming pc ?
  8. I have a streaming pc with a elgato 4k60 pro. I've read some guides that say I should duplicate the display and some that say I shouldn't. What am I actually supposed to do? Do I need SLOBS on the streaming and gaming pc?
  9. Gaming pc specs: Ryzen 7 rtx 2060 16gb ram streaming pc: Ryzen 7 3800x 8gb ram Visiontek Radeon HD 5450 Low-Profile Passive cooled 1GB DDR3 PCIe 2.1 Video Card Mobo: TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING im not getting signal from the streaming pc. Help please
  10. Is it worth to upgrade from a gtx 1060 6gb to a Gtx 1660?
  11. I know that the Rog Spatha came out a few years ago and I wanted it a few years ago. Does anybody have any long term experience using it ? How was it for you ? Are you still using it ?
  12. Just wanted to see if anybody had a case they liked that also had good features other than looking good, but ok
  13. Go on the microcenter website and use the Tustin California location. I want a midtower with tempered glass and I have a $130 budget. https://www.microcenter.com
  14. I want a mid tower that has the option to mount my Gpu vertically any recommendations?
  15. I was maybe going to buy some more ram because I already have 16gb of trident z rgb and I was gonna get another 16gb trident z rgb kit to fill up the last two slots if I did this would I see any difference in games ?