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  1. Water cooling would definitely serve this build well. Some opaque coolant would look really nice. Good job on the build.
  2. Ordered a replacement cooler, I will try that out and see if it works. If it doesn’t what other problems could it be? Also when I boot into the bios, the CPI temp climbs to 80 then crashes, but it always starts out at exactly 60 and raises by only 1.0 degrees at a time. Could it be a faulty CPU?
  3. I have already tried putting my ear next to it and I haven't heard anything. I don't feel anything in the tube. I'm doing a fresh install of windows and it hasn't crashed yet.
  4. CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x GPU: 2 GTX 970's (SLI) Motherboard: Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K5 Ram: 8GB XPG Cooler: NZXT Kraken x62 PSU: EVGA 850 Watt
  5. so i just upgraded my old pc with a ryzen 1600x, a. nd a new motherboard and ram to go with it. when I turn on my pc, sometimes the fans/lights turn on, then off immediately, but sometimes it boots to the login screen and after I log in it blue screens with the error code system_service_exception. also, I booted into the bios and saw that my cpu was at 70+ c, could the pump on my cooler be not wokring? please help.
  6. I couldn't seem to find any with a quick google search, I'd give it a month.
  7. I know from experience that the 212 evo is a great cooler, staying silent, while keeping reasonable temps. I have no personal experience with the H7, but they both should do fine. However, if you're going to be overclocking, I recommend, getting something a bit more powerful such as the CM Hyper 612, or even a 240mm watercooler, such as this one. Water coolers are generally more expensive, but you can achieve higher overclocks, they are also louder sometimes, which is why i recommend getting at least a 240mm. But if you aren't overclocking too much, you should be fine with any of the air coolers I just mentioned
  8. I'm fairly certain you can, the info should all be on the amazon page, I also recommend watching youtube reviews for all of your pc parts before making a purchase
  9. If you want good cooling, as well as low noise, you will most likely have to go with a bigger case. The one you are using can support a 120mm, but usually 120mm coolers are extremely loud, I know this from experience. If you're willing to spend a bit more, I recommend going with the phanteks enthoo evolv itx, and the cooler master hyper 212 evo. the 212 evo is hands down the best cooler you can get for 30 bucks. Also i recommend getting at least a 500 watt psu.
  10. So I've been wanting to paint my graphics cards, like techsource does in this video, but I was wondering if it would be safe to not disassemble the graphics card, but instead put masking tape over the parts I'm not painting. thanks for the help
  11. i just got a brand new hyperx cloud 2 headset, and the audio works fine when plugged into my computer, but the mic wont work at all. I know it's not a problem with the mic because i plugged it into my phone with the 3.5 mm jack, and the mic worked fine.