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  1. I am thinking of buying a Smartwatch and was holding off till the release of Galaxy Watch 3 but its almost same as the Active 2. I was almost certain to buy Galaxy Active 2, but I target on using the "Smart" features of the watch more than the Health features and I don't really like Bixby and prefer Google Assistant and Wear OS instead, so was confused by the Fossil Gen 5. If you have any experience or reviews with either of these, please help me out. Also, if there is any other sub $300 watch that i can use with my Android Phone and might be a better option please do mention that as well.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been saving up to get a smartwatch and Xiaomi released Mi Watch (basically a great Apple Watch Clone) in Nov 2019, that is exactly what i wanted but it hasn't released outside China yet and I am fed up waiting for it. What I am looking for is: More Tech oriented than Fitness. Amoled Screen Something ~$200 Available/ Deliverable in India Wear OS Preferably Square Google Assistant Built-in Works on Android I have looking for something but its either more fitness oriented in this price range or are like $50 ones that won't give a good experience. The alternatives that i have till now is Amazfit GTS https://en.amazfit.com/gts.html. Please suggest me something that is well enough or if its some watch that you have been using please share your experience with it. You can have look at Mi Watch here: https://youtu.be/KuOkGP15pDo.
  3. You'll also have to keep in mind that there are organizations that may buy them in bulks. I am currently working as an Software Developer intern at one of the companies in FANG, and they are offering top of the line MBP as an option to work on (I have chosen it as well), as I think that they want their staff to have the best possible workstation as an option. So I think these kind of companies can result in really big sales for them as well.
  4. I have been facing the issue of crappy and stuttering audio from my laptop. I first noticed when i tried connecting my Bluetooth Headphones and the audio was crazy and the audio driver kept disappearing and appearing from the audio devices list. Today, i noticed that my Audio service was taking 70% CPU Usage and closed it down and when i opened Device Manager, it showed these many devices that had some with crazy names . I have already tried restarting and reinstalling the Realtek Audio Drivers but that did not help. Please help me fix this, as i am unable to get any Audio after this issue.
  5. I finally got a fix after a thorough cleaning of my laptop and the fan dust, along with changing the Thermal Paste. It worked like a charm.
  6. I ran Furmark on 1080p preset and got the following result
  7. Also, i tested the temps for a game so i got this
  8. This is the result i got from HWMonitor after playing a game HWMonitor.txt
  9. I have a Asus GTX FX553VD Laptop, with the following specs: i7-7700HQ GTX 1050 2GB 16 GB RAM 512GB Intel 660p NVMe SSD I am experiencing severe problems while playing games, for instance, CSGO gives me 15-50 fps on high 1080p and the game is totally unplayable at times. I have done the following things: - Tried uninstalling and reinstalling graphics driver with a driver removal tool. - Tried optimizing Windows tasks that might be using CPU. - Tried all in-game optimizations that I could find, including fps_delimiting and settings change. Currently using optimized settings from GeForce Experience, I have attached screenshots of Task manager on idle as well as when playing CSGO. Any help can really save my day.
  10. Watched the WAN show, got to know i am super late to this
  11. Vessel was all great until it was acquired and dumped down the shithole.
  12. Yeah, although the content are exclusive to each other but their model seems more robust.
  13. Some of the creators from youtube have released a service that is somewhat similar to Floatplane, i got to know about in a video from one of the participating channel. Link: https://watchnebula.com/ What are your views on this?
  14. I understand that, but i just want to know first about what all things are there that i must learn and practice and what are the things that need to be avoided. Basically, i need a better picture from someone who already have gone through all this.