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  1. There is one problem. According to PSU description, it doesn't have 6+2 PCI-E, only standalone 6 pin. And according to this website https://www.sapphiretech.com/zh-cn/consumer/pulse-rx-580-2048sp-4g-g5-oc_c, that RX580 requires x1 8pin PCI-E connector. So you will need x2 6 pin to x1 8 pin adaptor.
  2. Dark Rock Pro 4 all the way. Its the best looking dual tower cooler out right now. Black NHD15 is strong 2nd place.
  3. You need either a fan splitter or a dedicated FAN hub thats powered by SATA.
  4. I wish I had a depression while getting 2k dollars in donations under 30 mins. Being real though, he is overworked. He needs to appoint someone to look after LTT while he takes 3-6 months off. Hes got an amazing crew capable of living without Linus for some time.
  5. You will have to make sure that B450 mobo comes with updated Bios to support Zen 2 CPU. You would also have to check your RAM. If you only have a single 8GB stick, you will need to buy another one because Ryzen CPUs don't work well with a single channel RAM.
  6. Its debatable whether or not a huge AIO would be quieter than a high end air cooler from be quiet! or Noctua. You still have x2 140mm fans+pump.
  7. Lol none of them. 280mm AIO is simple overkill for 3600, and it costs 2/3 of the CPU. Just get some decent air cooler and save yourself a ton of money. You can even get a better CPU instead.
  8. Pretty much your entire system is a bottleneck. 6600k is very dated 4c/4t CPU that gets destroyed in most modern AAA games. GPU - 1070 is not powerful enough for 1440p 144Hz. Z170 platform doesn't allow for any meaningful upgrade path.
  9. Yeah it does look like faulty GPU. First thing I would do it clean all of the drivers with DDU and instal fresh ones. If that doesn't help and you still get artifacts, return the card and get a replacement.
  10. Try pulling the lever backwards just a bit. Also give CPU a little wiggle, it won't hurt it.
  11. What CPU do you have? LGA1151 doesn't mean anything. Many different chipsets utilize LGA 1151 socket.
  12. I wouldn't be comfortable running it over 80c for long period of time.
  13. You have to reset CMOS and try booting again.
  14. 3600 comes with Wraith Stealth which is a flimsy little cooler. You will definitely need something more substantial if you're looking to overclock the CPU.
  15. Firstly I would wait until all rumours turn out to be true before buying a monitor. And if they are, there are plenty cheap 144Hz 1080p monitors around.
  16. That question is totally on you. Personally if I were doing a new build and I had this case, I would do some painting and modding to make it look cool and build a modern system in it.
  17. I mean yeah but that build is a giant waste of money.
  18. I think motherboard simply protects itself from catching on fire. Its not designed to run 9700k at turbo speed.
  19. Its a signed CPU. What else do you need?
  20. Totally fine for that flimsy cooler. And btw, its not made for such high power CPU.
  21. What kind of crash are you getting? Game just closes without an error or with some driver error? Do games freeze at some point and you have to manually close them?
  22. You're at a dead end with that platform. The only way forward from here is to get a modern platform. Getting Xeon won't do anything in terms of performance.
  23. Its either a thermal throttle because of overclock or insufficient RAM which causes stutters.
  24. IF you saw a spark, it was most likely coming from the motherboard. Have you checked all the components to spot any burn marks on it?