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  1. I assume you want your PC to activate some other device when certain PC component reaches X temperature? You can use 12V FAN output in order to send signal. Problem is, I don't know if you can configure FAN to stay 0 until target component reaches certain temperature in the BIOS. If you're doing some wacky DIY, you might have to get fan controller like Corsair Commander Pro because it can be configured to keep FAN output at 0. And it comes with thermal probes if you need them. Then you can use that 12V signal to power the controller. Arduino or even relay to switch on/off whatever you want.
  2. PopsicleHustler

    How do I know if I'm bottlenecked

    If RAM or CPU is holding you back, you will be getting stutters and FPS drops. Or your GPU will not be reaching 100% load if CPU or RAM is heavily bottlenecking it. The best way to check it is to run MSI Afterburner with CPU/GPU/RAM utilization monitoring.
  3. PopsicleHustler

    No dlss with a 2080ti at 1440p wat

    You have to enable DXR in order to use DLSS in BF5. But don't bother, DLSS makes everything extremely blurry.
  4. PopsicleHustler


    CPU load will naturally increase if you install more powerful GPU. 2080 ti requires a lot more data from the CPU because its extremely fast. There is nothing to worry about unless your CPU is overheating or reaching 100% load.
  5. PopsicleHustler

    Need help with fan setup on Phanteks P350x

    1st setup is better. 2nd setup will create positive pressure and a lot of turbulence.
  6. PopsicleHustler

    Best curved, ultra wide gaming monitor for under £/$300?

    You won't find any new monitors that fulfill your requirements. You will have to sacrifice either size or quality. The best that I know of would be LG 34UM69G-B. But its 350GBP. 29 inc model is around 300. As for the curve, I use 34 inch UW with a slight 3800R curve that doesn't really do anything. I think if you want curved monitor, you have to look at around 2000R +/- 300 if you want to have its benefits.
  7. PopsicleHustler

    Stuttering in more demanding titles

    How much RAM do you have and at what speed.
  8. PopsicleHustler

    PC won't post - B360 + i5 9600k

    He doesn't have 8th gen CPU on hand, so he needs another board. Besides, whats the point of using low tier, previous gen board with 9th gen overclockable CPU.
  9. PopsicleHustler

    PC won't post - B360 + i5 9600k

    Yea it will do nicely.
  10. PopsicleHustler

    PC won't post - B360 + i5 9600k

    You're correct. You need a different motherboard that supports 9th gen CPU.
  11. PopsicleHustler

    Whats better the rtx 2060 vs the 1070 vs the 1080

    Depends if you can find GTX1080 for reasonable price.
  12. PopsicleHustler

    High Ryzen 5 1600 idle temperature?

    Yes it will. Voltage is the reason why temps go up in overclock.
  13. PopsicleHustler

    High Ryzen 5 1600 idle temperature?

    1.35V at 3.8Ghz is alot. If you can't run it at lower voltage, upgrade your cooling.
  14. PopsicleHustler

    High boot temperatures

    Considering its an old CPU, I would guess that thermal paste under the IHS is toast.
  15. PopsicleHustler

    Regret with 2080ti SLI!

    I'm sitting here trying to guess what setup are you running. Because a single 2080ti is perfectly capable of running BF5 at 1440p max settings at over 100 FPS. And if that is not enough, sell your one 2080ti and get a T-Rex instead.
  16. PopsicleHustler

    144hz tn panel or 60hz hdr panel?

    Depends on your work and preference. I would pick 144Hz TN because I cannot stand 60Hz after experiencing 165Hz monitor. It simply hurts my eyes using 60Hz panel.
  17. PopsicleHustler

    PSU with power monitoring

    Asus ROG Thor got OLED screen that shows wattage.
  18. PopsicleHustler

    Which Nvidia driver are you currently using ?

    You can always roll back to the previous drivers if you have issues with the new one.
  19. PopsicleHustler

    first time building a gaming pc

    Why 8th gen instead of 9th gen Intel? Kraken X52 is bad value. You can get high end air cooler for alot cheaper and get same performance without worrying about multiple failures that can happen with a water cooler. RTX 2070 is bad value for money. 850W PSU is an overkill. You can get 650W same model and have plenty of power.
  20. PopsicleHustler

    Blue Sapphire RX 590 LED Turn Off

    You need Sapphire TriXX to control the lights. But I don't know if it works on the fan LEDs. I think it only works on the logo LED.
  21. PopsicleHustler

    Vega 64 weird high-pitched noises

    Its called "coil whine". Cards make that noise when pushing huge amounts of FPS i.e. when in a loading screen. There is nothing you can do about it. Its not dangerous.
  22. PopsicleHustler

    CPU Bottleneck?

    Your CPU is the problem. FX platform is long dead. You have to upgrade to something modern like Ryzen or Intel 8th/9th Gen.
  23. PopsicleHustler

    Favorite case?

    I have Meshify C and I love it. Good airflow, easy to build in, great design&looks.
  24. Obviously having AiO fan as intake will get you lower temperatures because it sucking fresh air from outside the case instead of hot air that comes from the GPU.