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    i5 6400/i3 4010u
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    8gb ddr4/ddr3
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  1. I'm currently planning on building an SFF pc and I've looked far and wide for SFX power supplies that suits my needs. The total wattage used using i5-6400 + RX 570 4Gb is roughly around 300-350W including some peripherals. (I maybe wrong here ) Problem is SFX power supplies are hard to come by and has therefore a higher price, that in addition to shipping makes it harder when you are on a tight budget. Anything under 60$ is within budget. Any help would be highly appreciated since I*m kinda getting close to the deadline of the build.
  2. I should add that I bought it used in EU So you think adapters will work just fine?
  3. Well, I ordered an HTC Vive and got three US plugs, should I buy adapters or should I get three dc 12v plugs instead?
  4. I travel a lot and I want to take my desktop with me, but it's too big. Got any ideas for a small case. I have already a m_atx board.
  5. that usb stick is long gone, it have been 2 years ago I saw it.
  6. So if I perform a reset, how do I choose the ssd and not the hdd?
  7. Just bought an ssd from Toshiba and wonder how to migrate all the files from my old hdd to the ssd, for free.
  8. So I just bought 4gb ddr4 ram. I've already have 8 installed, but the problem is, the one I ordered was 2400hz while my old ram was 2133hz. Is this fine, just plug and play?
  9. After my game ran into a low ram available screen it says that every time I try to open up the game a message pops up saying there is something missing or a file couldt be found.
  10. Can you make a 150$ gaming pc? Rules: Must be 150$ It can "play" games You can use Ebay, pcpartpicker Good luck ;D
  11. Yeah, thats a little bit too exspensive for me. Not only that, but you have to buy a gpu too.
  12. Yeah, but I thought about a gpu just better then hd 530 like ish
  13. I was thinking to buy a mini itx pc and come across the Asrock mini-stx 110 desktop pc. I was think you could put a very descent cpu for a editing station, but I wanted a mini gaming pc. I saw it had a m.2 slot and I figured out that is was actually possible to put a "graphic card" , wow i thought, but then i realized.. there are no m.2 things out there accept ssd's.