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  • Birthday September 1

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    Georgia (United States)
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    College Football (GO DAWGS!) - Battlefield Games - Outdoors - Oh my God, and Cheez-its! I will do tricks for Cheez-its!!!
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    Coming soon to a theater near you!
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    Rodeo Clown / Part-Time Brain Surgeon


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    Intel i7-4771 (Haswell)
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    ASUS Z87-Pro (V Edition)
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB 1600 Low Profile, Low Voltage (1.35V)
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis
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    Samsung 840 Pro Series 128GB SSD / Toshiba 128GB SSD
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    Seasonic 660W Platinum Series
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    Planar 27"
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    Cryorig H7
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    IBM Membrane Keyboard
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    Logitech G400S (Optical)
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    Onboard Sound
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Welcome! Just remember, we all have to learn at some time. Ask away, there’s a lot of helpful people around here. Have fun!
  2. If my ass cheeks fall off in the near future, you're going to be the first to hear about it! But yeah, I hear what you're saying.
  3. https://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/opmrdd/health/pvc.html From my recent research of gaming / office chairs, I see many different brands using PVC leather on their chairs. Seriously, pick a brand, and I bet they make one covered in PVC leather. For the record, this is not something I am freaking out over, just something I am curious about. Who knows, maybe there is something to be concerned about.
  4. Possibly. But there are other pages saying the same thing. Oh, I can agree. And no worries, just something a little different for us to discuss around here. Thanks for posting.
  5. Have you ever given this much thought? No? Me neither. Until I recently read about the health dangers of PVC, which is used in certain synthetic leathers you will find on most every gaming, or office chair. Of course, it's used for many other things as well. I know a lot of you may find this thread ridiculous, and I really can't blame you, but I also can't help but wonder, just how safe is this stuff? Is that chair you're sitting in right now really endangering your health? Hell, is the one i am sitting in right now endangering my health? Then, I read this article. https://www.carlislesyntec.com/download.aspx?id=5534&fileID=6830 What do you all think? A cause for concern? Or, much about nothing? Maybe Linus and his team could do some investigating about this. Surely they have a lot of contacts for companies that make gaming chairs. Maybe some questions could be asked, and some answers provided here.
  6. Looking for a new chair. I am 205 lbs, but want a chair for larger folks. Just think a bigger chair will be more durable. Have been looking at the E-win chairs. You guys have one to recommend? Looking for one no more than $250 US dollars. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks everyone! Pretty interesting responses. A friend streams 4k movies and music nearly every day. he also has several security cameras and plays online games a lot, yet he too never exceeds the 1 TB limit. I guess you'd have to be doing a lot of heavy downloading to really make much of a difference.
  8. Hello, out of curiosity, about how much monthly bandwidth do you use, and what all do you do online that takes up so much? The family and I stream several hours of HD videos and music nearly every day, upload files to the cloud every day or so, run 5 security cameras, game occasionally, and yet, I never seem to go over 500 GB a month. I'm usually in the 300 - 400 GB range. I have a 1 TB monthly data allowance with Xfinity, by the way. Thanks
  9. Not cutting cable, just looking into using a streaming device to watch the channels I am paying for and not having to rent one of their cable boxes to do so.
  10. Hello, any of you using a streaming device to watch the channels you subscribe to, instead of renting their cable box? If so, what do you use, and how well does it perform? Just looking to save a little extra on my monthly bill by not having to rent one of their boxes. Thanks
  11. Various articles I've read around the web. https://www.tweaktown.com/news/64650/nvidia-sales-geforce-rtx-cards-lower-expected/index.html https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-rtx-2080-2070-earnings,38618.html https://www.ultragamerz.com/amazons-best-selling-gpu-shows-nvidia-rtx-is-a-failure/
  12. The first gen RTX GPUs haven't sold very well, what makes them think this Super refresh is going to, especially if those prices are legit? This is nuts!