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  1. update... i opened geforce experience and the issue is gone.. wtf
  2. So, I can't remember what caused this specifically. But it's unlike anything I can find online, which is why im asking for your help. most issues similar to this are boxes around windows tabs, however, this one (pictured below) is on both monitors and has a green line? The only thing that I have done to alter it is when i played minecraft, since it was fullscreen, it temporarily removed BOTH squares, but then it was put back onto the left monitor. (same with most fullscreen games I think) I tried closing all my overlay apps such as discord, nvidia share, etc, but nothing has worked. I thought it could be the cables to the monitor but that doesn't make sense either. gonna see if it has to do with the GPU/Nvidia. going to update drivers specs Windows 10 ASUS ROG STRIX GTX1070 AMD 1700x G.Skill 2x 3Ghz 16gb ram m.2 156gb (idk brand) 2tb hard drive (seagate) cooler master rgb water cooler
  3. so, i would need one or two of these, and run them from the PC to the monitors, yeah?
  4. So I just recently got a pair of ROKIT 5 KRK monitors, and after a painful setup (with splitting aux and using two separate aux cables into TRS,) there was only one issue- there was a strangely audible high pitched noise. I've watered it down to the fact that the noise is audible from the back of the PC (IO) and it isn't due to the speakers. In fact, they have nothing to do with it. From what i've found, it seems that it's due to coil whine from the (GPU?). It's reasonable to assume this because the GPU came from ebay in an EVGA box with off brand cables i didnt need (GPU is an ASUS STRIX 1070 8gb) but i haven't had any problems with it other than the RGB is a bit wacky. Wondering what i can do to fix this. EDIT-- after de- and reassembling everything , it seems that the right speaker has a dramatically lower volume from the whining, however when i power the left one on, it's extremely loud. both are hooked up to a TRS (input to speaker) that goes to an old beats aux cable, which then feeds into an aux splitter to go into the IO. EDIT 2 - this person has the EXACT issue i have.
  5. If you are purely going for gaming, everyone says Intel is better due to it's better single core performance. I'm in a similar case to you, as I'm getting a 1070-1080. Keep an eye on the 1700/1700x, as the prices were just at 200/210 which is a steal from its starting price of around 300$. Like Crunchy said, I would go with the 1800x or 2600/2600x. Also, is your "CPU budget" purely for the processor or cooling for it too? If you are planning to overclock, never use a stock cooler. I'm gonna use the Cooler Master ML120L RGB, a lower-end RGB AIO Watercooler. You may want to do something similar, or go with a decent air cooler.
  6. Yeah, I understand that; however the seller is Newegg (on the right of the screen) and the condition is new, so I feel confident in buying it.
  7. I'm about to make a post about which CPU to get, haha. My eyes are on the 1700-1800x, the prices are lowering to a bit over 200. If i was to get a second gen ryzen it'd be the 2600x. I think I wanna get this 1080 then an 1800x.
  8. I'm building a new PC, around a 1000$ budget, perhaps some over. Most people and videos recommend I go for a GTX 1070. But I found this link : https://www.ebay.com/itm/382497264915?rmvSB=true And now I wanna get that card. Should I stay with a 1060 6gb/1070 and save ~150$ for other things or go for that 1080? It seems like a steal.
  9. That's true. Also, you forgot to look into the Mobo compatibility, maybe. The X370 doesn't always support the pinnacle ridge cpus.
  10. I may be able to return them, yes. I'd be slipping in the Newegg return policy time limit. My biggest want other than performance is RGB. I researched cases and the Masterbox pro 5 rgb has more airflow than the lite (newer version) but it's not a lot. I was originally going to buy the Phanteks p400s but i didn't think i wanted the grey-ish black and white inside. I was also looking at corsair water coolers but unless if i wanted to break the bank i wasn't getting RGB. I could always buy their rgb fans but those are also expensive. If it means i lose a little performance that i could buy with money spent on RGB, i'll do it. This PC will be one I use for a long time and most likely end up upgrading. I wanted the Corsair 570x but... 200$. Could you throw a PCPartPicker together for me? <3
  11. I agree with some of that, thanks. I still need to focus on a black / rgb color scheme so i'll have to change quite a lot.
  12. I currently use two, my main is the AOC G2770PQU, a 144hz 27" gaming monitor. The other is a generic Acer 27" that is 60hz, used for accessibility and streaming when possible.
  13. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. My main issue is balancing the budget. If I could i'd grab a 1700x (was 220$ just yesterday.) and a 1070 (maybe Ti) but that racks up real fast. I've heard the GPU is very important so.
  14. It'll be a versatile PC, used for video/audio editing (hence why I thought of using Ryzen), possible streaming. For games, I play just about anything, including the most demanding games. Fortnite, Skyrim, Rocket League, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.