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  1. i tried twice, it says the was a problem with the windows media creation tool. it refuses to put windows on a drive from my laptop.
  2. I had malware on my desktop, AGCInvoker.exe specifically. I reset thru windows (did not format drives, a grave mistake) and now when I try to boot, it shows the windows logo and a blue screen saying "NTFS FILE SYSTEM". I tried messing around in BIOS with my boot/drives but nothing changed. (I have an C: m.2 for the main drive (has windows), and D: is a 2TB HDD.) I'm pretty certain that the problem is there is corrupted windows files. I am currently using a laptop and attempting to put windows on a drive, but the first attempt failed. I will edit if it works but as of right now I can't do anyth
  3. Hey, This doesn't help unfortunately. I've already done most everything you can do relating to changing display settings. In the post I talk about resetting the pc not fixing
  4. So I've made several posts on here about an issue where my games are temporarily running fine. Running games like Rocket League, CODBO Cold War. They should run 144hz but run 60hz. If I quickly minimze and go back in, it runs 144hz but goes back to 60hz. I think this is caused by Malware I got from downloading an Adobe Acrobat crack. I've deleted all traces that I could find but the problem persists (I have also troubleshooted for other issues). At this point all I know to do is reset. The problem is, I have huge games and plugins for music production that are >100GB and want
  5. Also i'm noticing some input lag? in games sometimes only when it caps. Im so confused
  6. Disabled everything and uninstalled Game Bar. no changes in issue. this really is weird
  7. I think so, I can open it and it pulls up stats and graphs.
  8. Yes. I just changed it to off in the control panel but the problem persists.
  9. So just recently I noticed Rocket League would properly run 144hz on my 144hz monitor for a few seconds, then it caps to 60 or so and looks awful. I thought it was only RL. Turns out this problem affects every game. I noticed it also takes affect to CODBO Cold War. If I alt tab out and back in, the game looks great for a few seconds and then caps again. I don't know how to fix this. I have an ASUS ROG GTX 1070. I downloaded the ASUS GPU overclock software and made slight changes which may be the culprit but even closing the software hasn't made a change... Any ideas? Any help is greatly app
  10. I uninstalled and it didn't fix it sadly. Nothing is out of place in Nvidia settings. I'm gonna try clearing the game's cache because I don't know what else to do
  11. Fullscreen. Cannot get 144hz in windowed. I have tried switching between fullscreen and borderless. same issue where it starts to run fine and then is at the ugly hz
  12. Yes. As mentioned, if I open the game, it is properly 144hz for a few seconds. And then the problem occurs and it drops to 60fps/hz. (fps is actually 250)
  13. No. I have tried turning it off/on. If it's on it caps at 60 and doesnt change anything. No video setting changes alter the issue.
  14. I have an issue that started just yesterday. I haven't done any system, software, or any changes whatsoever that I know of. In Rocket League, the game displays 60hz or less even though its running 200+fps on a 144hz monitor. If i ALT+TAB out and back in, it is normal for a few seconds. After a few seconds pass, it displays 30-60fps, even though my FPS counter displays 144. I have tried changing game settings and haven't found a fix. Any ideas?