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  1. Avg fps on games running on GT 610

    I have a laptop with HD6770M which is stronger compare to GT610 and these game is unplayable even at 768p low. When i said unplayable, what i mean is below 30fps.
  2. Games for a 7 year old

    Magicka? Or is it abit too gory?
  3. Because many older titles only scale up to 4 threads, some even only 2 threads. One of the reason why quad core i5 stay relevant for many years just until recently.
  4. Does Freesync worth it?

    Yes Freesync is worth it.
  5. MMOs recommendations?

    IMO the early game is pretty boring but the dynamic events makes it more interesting to me. Questing in GW2 doesn't really feel as grindy as other games, it still quite grindy though but that just the nature of MMOs. I hope you pick class that suit your play style, warrior class is boring as hell for me. I can't gather enough interest to lvl it up until it get more fun to play.
  6. MMOs recommendations?

    - Guild Wars 2 (Base game is free) - Black Desert Online (One time payment)
  7. What Card to Daily

    Almost similar performance, not able to use Freesync is a deal breaker. 480 for sure.
  8. Games where you only have to use a mouse?

    One Finger Death Punch. Best game of 2015. Just recently started playing Onmyoji, only need mouse as well because it's a mobile game ported to PC. Can get it free on Steam.
  9. That is correct, you still need a proper hardware to enable Freesync on supported AMD cards. It's not simply software enabled to achieve result on any monitors.
  10. RAM in Demanding Games/Future Games

    16GB is becoming the new 8GB. Don't look at 1 game with crappy average FPS metric by LTT. Min FPS suffers with 4GB RAM shown by HardwareUnboxed and he tested it with a clean system. Average user system is more bloated with other softwares and that will increase the performance impact.
  11. No, because Nope, Freesync requires compatible hardware as well similar to Gsync.
  12. Laptop Brightness problem

    Try download Keyboard Filter and ATK Package with Window 7 Compatibility mode. Make sure your graphic driver is installed as well.
  13. New Battle Royale Game Releasing

    I'll pass.. and stick with Fornite. Also i'm still kinda salty at how they fucked up Lawbreaker.
  14. It's have been like even before Fornite/PUBG even exist?
  15. Ctrl-F not working in MSI Afterburner

    Afterburner frequency curve is only available for Pascal GPUs.