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    Kim Tae-yeon
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    Intel Xeon E3-1230V2
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    MSI B75A-G43
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    G.SKILL RipJawsX 4x 4GB
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    Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP! Omega 6GB
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    Cooler Master HAF EVO XB
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    Plextor PX-512M5Pro 512GB
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    Enermax NAXN+ 650w 80+ Bronze
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    Samsung 48" J5000 TV
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    CM Hyper 212x
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    Cooler Master Quick Fire TK (Blue)
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    Logitech G600 White
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    Fiio E07K
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. to infinity.. and 3some. This game is so underrated.
  2. Try DX12 and check the performance, AMD GPUs benefit more from DX12.
  3. Result look normal. Did you use DX12? What resolution btw?
  4. Can you run 3DMark Firestrike and post the result link?
  5. Guild Wars 2 - Base game is free Terraria
  6. xAcid9

    What to buy

    oh my bad, still if you like to grind and willing to pay for the monthly sub then go for it. definitely have more content compare to Titanfall 2.
  7. xAcid9

    What to buy

    Tifanfall 2 if you want some nice single player campaign. FFXV if you like love grinding with cute boys.
  8. Try turn based game like Total War series?
  9. Yes, mostly will start thermal throttling at 90c-95c.
  10. Reshade RTGI a.k.a SSRTGI is usually a hit or miss, mostly a hit for me. It make many older games or even newer game with crappy AO look less crappy/floaty. It does have some limitation like you cannot occlude them from UI or fog/particle effects, games with low polygons will look blotchy and it wont work with MSAA enabled. On plus side it got a lot of slider for you to adjust to your liking. eg: Warframe RTGI ON RTGI OFF RTGI Debug View Monster Hunter World RTGI On RTGI Off Lost ARK RTGI On RTGI Off
  11. Usually laptop will start throttling at 95c no 80c but yours look like it start throttling at 80c. 1. Try clean and reapply thermal paste if you know how. 2. Try check if there is any software that make the laptop start throttling at 80c. Or you can try create a new 30GB-40GB partition and install a new Windows 10 there to test if it OS related. 3. Check if either the battery or power brick couldn't supply enough juice to the laptop anymore.
  12. OptiX in Blender 2.81 support hardware acceleration using the RT cores in RTX gpus, the result is just awesome. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=blender-281-optix&num=2
  13. 1660 Ti generally perform better especially in newer Vulkan and DX12 games. What about 1660 Super?