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  1. Overhype? Nah.. we all see this coming after Vega FE was out. Regarding power consumption, maybe need some user tweaking since in power saving mode it perform 5% slower while consuming >50% less according to TPU.
  2. Does the driver even support those?
  3. did you installed latest beta MSI Afterburner that fixed compatibility with Crimson 17.7.2?
  4. play games. if it still showing artifacts in games try to undervolt core or reduce the memory clock.
  5. Can confirm, when i upgrade from 7950 Vapor-X to 290x Gaming i tot "this card is massive"... then i got 980 Ti Amp and suddenly that 290x look small.
  6. He can't confirm the source btw.
  7. Vega graph is slightly thicker to my eyes.
  8. This is sad if it's true.
  9. Source?
  10. But the card official TDP tho?
  11. Seem like every new features they added to Radeon Settings/Wattman will break MSI Afterburner overclocking support for AMD cards, Unwinder himself actually not please with this. Roll back to older driver if you need MSI AB ocing support imo.
  12. Why not both? You need to experiment it yourself imo. I once tighten my 290x timings and the memory actually able to overclock higher after that. Yeah need to BIOS mod it, there is Polaris BIOS editor that allow you to change the timing for each memory straps.
  13. From Hardware Canucks FB page.
  14. Yes you need to install it in mods folder but you also need to correctly replace which file the mod is using. Try check readme of that specific mods.