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  1. I love it. I want to finish the campaign first before going online, almost 80% there. Thinking of buying Gimx adapter to use my G27 with it, currently using the controller motion sensor, i surprised how responsive it was despite on wireless. But the game lacks real life tracks imo.
  2. The most pretty? Battlefront 2 imo.
  3. 20-30 fps games on a GTX1060 3gb

    Can u lend another RAM stick from friends maybe and make it Dual channel?
  4. RivaTuner won't display OSD anymore

    It come with MSI Beta 19.
  5. RivaTuner won't display OSD anymore

    i had similar problem when i installed RTSS beta 30, i revert back to beta 29 and everything work fine again.
  6. pes 2018

    Konami don't have license for many teams so they use fake/close enuff naming for the team or players. These patches fixed those and some mods/patches "fix or improve gameplay" but to me it just personal preference. There is some dedicated groups that "create" mods with "their" improved modeling or gameplay but i suggest get familiar with the vanilla game and only use patches to fix the naming or/and latest lineup. https://www.pes-patch.com
  7. pes 2018

    take your time, learn and master vanilla game before you jump to install mods/patches.
  8. Game recording software that auto saves each session?

    Plays.tv or Xbox DVR for Win10 can do that for you as alternative to Shadowplay/Relive.
  9. Man that remind me of my first PC. P2 333mhz, 16MB Ram and 2.1GB HDD with Window 3.11. I don't know why the seller gave me Window 3.11 since Window 95 is very popular that time but because of that have I a habit of learning and use shortcut keys whenever i can instead of navigating with the mouse. Done updating, going to the ring again for a few laps and then go to sleep.
  10. Check if BF1 actually utilizing all that CPU and not other process. Use something like Process Hacker/Process Explorer/Process Lasso. Also, what about DX12?
  11. A friend of mine play it with a G29 and he said the FFB is quite good and i saw him catch a few big slides in his livestream which usually indicate the FFB is there and probably good... maybe. I never expect Forza series to have a good FFB support tbh, not a fan of the game as well. I see, i thought we get free car/track from the size of it.. haha.
  12. are nvidia optimised games worth it

    Not quite, i think Far Cry 4 is one of the example if not the only example.
  13. What you mean by better? Also.. 3.6GB update for pCars 2? wutehshit?
  14. Oh man.. still salty that i can't use my G27 with the PS4, gonna have to play the game with gamepad when it comes out.
  15. Max voltage for R9 390?

    Keep it under 1.3v imo.