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  1. Disable Freesync / G-sync in global settings, application settings and monitor itself. It will fix your problem and you probably won't notice a few torn pictures at those refresh rates. If this helps, you can try playing with those Freesync settings a bit (enable globally, enable in application etc....). Black screen for a few seconds hapens when you switch from disabled/enabled "sync" environment (desktop with Freesync, game without Freesync enabled).
  2. Why is loading time the same? Where is the bottleneck? CPU? GPU? SSD?
  3. Tell me more about that My speakers have a blue light I had to cover by a thick piece of paper and my monitor's LED keeps blinking unless I turn it off completely too... I always put a chair in front of the monitor when I go to sleep.
  4. Great choice! I've seen this exact monitor myself at a local electroshop and they were using it to show it's colours etc. on Battlefield V gameplay video. The staff even let me move around the mouse and windows on the desktop to see how smooth 144hz is
  5. I've found only: Samsung C27JG5 27" HP 27xq 27" Samsung is VA panel with decent colours (this one has bad colour reviews though, but it's still better than TN). It might suffer from slight ghosting. HP monitor is TN, so you don't need to worry about ghosting. The colours might be a bit worse though. Both are 144hz 1440p. Where do you live btw.?
  6. I can confirm this. 240hz on TN is smooth and you don't notice ANY ghosting at all. Even in UFO tests. Going down to 144hz monitor is noticable, but that's just it. Going down to 60hz monitor means stuttering for me... I always tried putting down settings to achieve 60 fps in games. How spoiled have I become?
  7. Same happened to me with a MSI Z390 motherboard on the first attempt.
  8. Let me confuse you even more! I have MSI MAG27CQ and it's amazing.
  9. It seems like a lot of heat gets trapped in your case. Which ones do you have? Anyway, 80 °C peak temperatures are not too bad.
  10. No, not at all. The only downsides is slight ghosting (only visible in UFO test)... and hey, some games even have "motion blur" effect which requires GPU computation! You'll get a tiny bit of that for free! During gaming, you'll be stunned by the deep black colour instead of ugly gray, more colours etc.. And about 3 of the millions of pixels are dead. I looked for them by putting yellow / green / red / blue / white / black... images on the screen. I didn't notice them during normal use. I was also hesitating between AOC and ASUS monitors, but since I already have a MSI GPU and motherboard, I gave them the chance again. They didn't fail ^^
  11. Wow, maybe you should try a normal air cooler. Something is not right with the water cooling you have. EDIT: How big is your PC case? Maybe there's little room to exchange heat... my PC has a fan at the back and one fan at the front + holes at the top. The CPU's air cooler is in between and quickly gets fresh air from the front and hot air is sent to the rear fan...
  12. It's OK temps. Not ideal, but nothing to worry about. I run my i7-9700K at 4.6 GHz in AC: Odyssey (the most unoptimized CPU demanding game) at 68-75 °C at 22 °C ambient temperature. Now in summer I think I'd have about 75-85 degrees peak temperatures under full load. Are you looking at all core temperatures? The program might be showing only the hottest core while other are 5-10 degrees cooler etc... Also, how fast do your fans spin? I had to buy extra Noctua fan and replace CM Hyper 212 Evo cooler's fan as it was getting loud at 900+ RPM.
  13. Right now I have Windows 10 installed on Kingston A400 (128 GB) and a spare Samsung 970 EVO (250 GB). I've wanted to reinstall Windows due to some issues some time. I've got i7-9700K and RTX 2070 which should complete tasks quickly once they have the data (less bottleneck here I think???). How much faster would boot times be (and times to open a web browser, games, apps...)? Any experience, estimates...?
  14. It happens every week or two now. My network drivers don't recognize any connections even after restarting Windows. I have to uninstall the driver and install it again in order to recognize the connection. My motherboard: MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON I didn't have these network issues with network in previous Windows installation so hardware issues are out of question. Right now Windows 10 is installed on Kingston A400 Sata SSD and I have an empty Samsung 970 EVO NVME SSD. 2 questions: 1) Do you know what could be causing this weekly driver issues? 2) Would Samsung 970 EVO make startups of Windows, Firefox, LibreOffice, Visual Studio and other apps significantly faster? Reinstalling the drivers takes just about 5 minutes of my time so it's not that big deal.