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  1. Yes. Do not tell them "I touch the fan and it broke."
  2. Is it safe to do this? Any particular steps I need to take before or during? Could it brick my PC? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes. It didn't ask me to but I did anyways.
  4. Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V Downloaded the new drivers from https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/82186/Intel-Ethernet-Connection-I219-V Installed them but the driver version in device manager still says it's the old one. Any idea why this is happening?
  5. I took a video which filled up the rest of my storage. I've deleted the video but under Iphone Storage -> Photos it only says Documents and Data 5.08gb. No way to select it and delete. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I wish I could find the post on their forums where the guy said, "those pumps only run at 1800rpm." I only use the BIOS to change fan curves and the RPMs are almost the exact same on both the BIOS monitor readings and the HWINFO readings. The only fan speed that neither of them read are the AIO fan speeds controlled by the AIO software. https://www.thermaltake.com/C_00003103.htm?id=C_00003103 I needed a decent mid tower with good airflow but what I bought was just a lie. I can't actually test the case before I buy it so I don't see how stating "outstanding ventilation" is anyth
  7. I wouldn't have put the information in the question if it weren't precise. The 1800 rpm pump speed comes from hwinfo. My AIO is plugged into the AIO pump header and I'm assuming that's how hwinfo gets its data. Reseating the cooler upwards of 15 times, no exaggeration, switching thermal paste brands, ultimately landing on MX4 which dropped the temps by ~3c didn't do anything significant. https://www.thermaltake.com/C_00003120.htm?id=C_00003120#additional Click "specifications" and then read the line where it says "Motor Speed: 3600rpm" The case is also a TT piece of garbage.
  8. Can I take my 970 evo out of its current slot and put it into the slot that is under the heat sink on my motherboard without losing data or reinstalling windows? I plan on putting a second 970 evo 1tb in the exposed m.2 slot used as just a steam library/downloads drive and I want my OS ssd under the heat sink. Thanks in advance
  9. Yea I have to go with another AIO. The dark rock pro 4 won't fit in my case and all the air coolers that do can't cool an oc'd 8700k Corsair h100i v2 it is.
  10. Do they measure cooler height from the base of the heatsink to the top of the cooler or from the bottom of the side that is facing you to the top of the same face?
  11. Yea that's the plan. I was going to get a corsair h100i but i'm really not into the whole AIO thing as I thought. I know they're generally manufactured properly but the law of averages always screws me so I'm just going to go back to air cooling. dark rock has a neat mobo compatibility check plus the pic on the dark rock pro 4 page shows the clearance of an ASUS board with the same ram that I have.
  12. I can't find the max TDP of my floe riing 240mm anywhere on their site or on other sites. There's nothing written in the spec sheets other than lies about their 3600 rpm motor that runs at 1800rpm. Is this a normal thing? I tried this same post on their forums but I guess they're not into customer service so I have to ask here. I don't expect anyone to know for sure but if anyone has any inkling on where it might lie give or take I would greatly appreciate the information. It's cooling an 8700k 4.6ghz @ 1.28v Idle 1.296v load which while gaming it will peak at around 81 - 82c on a few cor
  13. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or honest. Why would you reply to this? Why would I reply to you? Dump truck.