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    Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8Ghz, 1.27V
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    Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming
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    16GB Corsair Vengance RGB(3000Mhz)
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    XFX GTR RX480 8GB
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    White NZXT S340
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    525Gb MX300, 120Gb Kingston SSD
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    2x Acer 24" GF246 Freesync Monitor
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    Stock Wraith
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    Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum
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    HyperX Cloud Stinger Headphones
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    Windows 10
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  1. 16GB ram should be more than enough, and you can manually set your pagefile size, odd that its at 20GB though. I'd have a guess that because the pagefile is at 20GB for whatever reason, that's why its actually using it, because it sees that the space is there, rather than clearing the memory it just dumps it into the pagefile.
  2. iRileyx

    1080P 144HZ r9 270x upgrade

    You'll be fine for CS:GO with that CPU, but the rest not so much. And you're gonna be wanting a 1070/1080 for 100+fps at high/ultra settings.
  3. Personally I think its great that Oneplus will be the first to feature this, as mentioned its normally the likes of Samsung that will get "first dibs" on new mobile hardware. Also, new OnePlus phone announced? On the other hand I'm a little peeved about it, having only bought my 6 in July this year, with the next one launching so soon, it'll mean again being 2 models behind after not even a year. I honestly thought they'd have stopped the incremental 6 month "refreshes" by now, but it seems not And for anyone wanting to read more about the 855 chip - https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/5/18127689/qualcomm-snapdragon-855-ai-connectivity-performance-features Sources - https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/oneplus-7-will-be-the-first-phone-to-feature-a-snapdragon-855 And Facebook for the image/link.
  4. iRileyx

    My pc is not using my gpu for games

    Are you plugged into the display outputs on your motherboard or GPU?
  5. iRileyx

    Ryzen 3000 Leaks

    Mhm i'll definitely be considering that 3600/3600X. the step up from a 1600 to 2600/2600x wasn't worth it, but that just might be.
  6. iRileyx

    Best Budget 650W PSU?

    If you're running a 1080 you don't really want a "budget" PSU Search around on local sites for any tier 1/2 models from this list.
  7. iRileyx

    Apply CSS only to index.html

    Every page you want the CSS to apply to, needs to have the CSS tag and be linked the the CSS file inside that, so if you only put it on the index page, it'll only apply the CSS to that page.
  8. iRileyx

    What is better for cs?

    Even my 1600 + 480 can run CS:GO 1080p at about 200 fps average whilst streaming at 1080p 60-fps
  9. iRileyx

    An AMD RX-550 that can run VR?!

    Yeah i've seen RAM labeled as VR ready in the past..
  10. iRileyx

    Dug Up a Fossil

    Agree'd with Enderman, definitely not old enough to class as a fossil if it's using SATA. If it was using IDE on the other hand..
  11. iRileyx

    Will CPU fit into Motherboard?

    In theory, yes, it will fit. But it depends what chipset you're looking at, 1xx chipsets will possibly need a BIOS update, 2xx chipsets it will work just fine, and 3xx/4xx chipsets it won't work at all.
  12. Happy birthday Peep

  13. Aslong as they're the same speed and timings they will be able to run as quad channel. But just so you know, LGA 1151 doesn't support quad channel memory. You'd be running as 2 dual channels(channel A and B), which isn't the same. But that also means that as long as the 2 sticks in each channel match, they will run as dual channel, so buying 2 kits and having them be slightly different(you still want same speed and timing) won't matter, so long as you pair the correct sticks to the correct slots.
  14. iRileyx

    WhatsApp found a place to show you ads

    I remember there was a time where you had to pay for WhatsApp, got the first year free then you had to pay(though it was easy to get around). That's going back quite a few years as I was still in high school and I finished 5 years ago now. There was no ads back then though whether you paid or not.
  15. iRileyx

    Second notchless fidget phone: Honor Magic 2

    Thats... odd. Seems more like a novelty thing than an actual feature, "look, my screen slides off so i can use the front camera!"