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  1. Because of mining, the GPU's that most gamers would use in a budget build like a RX 570-580 or a GTX 1060 6gb are all $100-$150 over MSRP due to mining. So your stuck either going down to a 1050ti or RX560, or just saying F*ck it and buying high end.
  2. I have said this before with others "Slow Claps" congrats, you just won the internet.
  3. What like get a 4gb or 8gb kit and use Octane to fill in the "ram gaps" as it were.
  4. Thats something I didn't consider, although once again for the cost would make 0 sense.
  5. Dont feel dumb for asking questions, this is a good place to learn.
  6. Sorry for any confusion. Neither of those CPU's would be a problem, pick whichever you want. The Ryzen 5 is just a great value because of the extra cores it provides for the cost. However a 1050ti, which is a great budget card, isn't going to be able to push 60FPS at 1080p on all games. For that you would want a 1060 6gb or rx 580, which right now are hard things to come by. I think the CPU originally you were talking about bottlenecking would be a g4560 dual core, and we suggested getting at least a i5 or Ryzen 5.
  7. If your CPU gets too hot you can get thermal bottlenecking, meaning the CPU is going to slow down to keep itself from overheating. For fans, any good high airflow fans is what you want, not static pressure (Not for that anyways). You can usually tell because high airflow fans usually have thinner blades and static pressure fans usually have thicker. I would buy from Corsair, Be Quiet, or NZXT. If you have some money Noctua.
  8. And like we talked about, the Ryzen 5 is more then capable of getting 60 FPS, its the GPU that would be the problem and a 1050ti won't cut it for all games.
  9. Whats up Kevin . So the reason your getting that is because when Kabylake came out a driver update went out for most of the Z1 boards to be compatible with with them, as they were with Skylake originally. So theres a good chance that by now your motherboard has the driver update, but if it didn't you would have to use a Skylake CPU to get it to boot, then download the BIOS update to get it to work with Kabylake. I would also go AMD b350 1600 over i5.
  10. "Slow Claps" Congratulations, you just won the internet.
  11. It is true once you have a 144hz monitor its impossible to go back. I have a 4k monitor sitting next to a 1440p 165hz monitor, and I only use the 4k monitor when I am playing games where I don't care as much as about getting above 60 FPS (Skyrim or fallout 4 for example). Your 1080 wouldn't be able get above 60 fps in most titles at 4k anyways without dropping certain settings. So if you want a monitor right now get a good 144hz IPS panel monitor for 1080p. If you can find one for 1440p its worth it, but at your budget I don't think there is anything that would be in that range, at least as far as being IPS which makes a huge difference.
  12. This, and also are you just uncomfortable building it yourself?
  13. And I assume since your in Germany its like 2x more expensive anyways right?