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    Ryzen 1700x 3.4 ghz -Overclocked to 3.8
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    Corsair DDR4 16GB 3200 - Stable at 2933
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC -Hyrbid Water Cooled - Overclocked 2077
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    NZXT s340 Elite Matte Black/White
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    Mushkin Enhanced Reactor 2.5" 1TB SATA III
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    EVGA 210-GQ-1000-V1 1000W
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    27 1440p IPS 165hz Acer Predator, 28 UHD 4k Sieki Pro 60hz.
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    Corsair 110i CPU AIO Liquid Cooler.
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    MechanicalEagle Z-88 RGB Backlit 104 Keys Mechanical Gaming
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    Jelly Comb 4000 DPI RGB Led mouse
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    Logitech 10 2.0 Desktop Speakers.
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  1. Should I wait for Volta?

    Your expectation would need to change. Games if anything are becoming more demanding at a faster pace. Expecting any GPU you buy to game top tier games with higher settings for 5 years, will leave you nothing but disappointment. A 1080 ti is a good buy, no one knows for sure when Volta will drop, Nvidia doesn't have a compelling reason to release because Vega flopped. Originally they were planning on dropping them potentially this year, but after that, they realized they are still crushing it. Buy whatever is the best you can buy and afford, when your need it.
  2. 4k custom build help

    2500 euros should be enough. At 4k IPC of intel vs ryzen doesn't matter so CPU wise go with what you like, either a r7 or a i7, dealers choice. Remember that 4k monitors (For now) support only 60hz, so thats all your gonna get (4k 144hz monitor dropped but it costs as much as your whole build. The only absolutely MUST is a 1080 ti. It's the only card of giving you the frames at higher settings. I have a 1080 and have it OC and get 60 fps in 4k, but I have to make compromises in some areas.
  3. 1200 euro editing pc

    Either a Ryzen 5 or 7, and just having a dedicated GPU works so a 1050 is fine. I would dump the rest into at least a 3000hz kit of Ram and try to get 16-32gs
  4. R7 1700 or i7 7700 non-K ?

    So Intel has fast IPC, but without getting a 8700 (Impossible right now) then the extra cores Ryzen provides will beat the 7700 in creation based tasks. The big caveat people forget is that coffeelake hasn't been officially released, this is a introductory release with the full release in Q1 of next year. However Ryzen 2 is supposed to drop Q1 as well, which is supposed to have anywhere from 20-30% better performance (Maybe 10% better IPC then Ryzen has right now, bringing it up to parity. So I would get Ryzen unless you can get your hands on a 8700, as you have more upgrade paths.
  5. $1300 Gaming/Streaming PC.

    So in gaming hands down Intel still edges out Ryzen. But with Ryzen he will have better minimum's and again he can get a R7 with 2 more cores and 4 more threads for little bit cheaper. Also remember that with Kabylake he has no upgrade path. He will have to completely change chipsets if he wants to go to Coffeelake or higher. If he buys with Ryzen he can swap out the next two generations of chips as the AM4 platform is supported through 2020.
  6. $1300 Gaming/Streaming PC.

    If he plans on streaming I would go with either a 8700k (If you can find it) or a Ryzen 7 or 6 for more cores.
  7. Best place to start is ebay. Put each piece in there and see what they are selling for, and how often. Also check if you have a locals listing like craigslist or something similar and see if they are selling there. When I sell old parts or builds, I will offer a discount if the person buys the whole thing and slightly more if buying each piece. Just like most businesses do, because I am fine to cut a deal if I can sell it all at once, because I value my time more then I value the extra cash I could make by selling it slower. Just figure out which you value more.
  8. Which ryzen to go with?

    So don't get the X version of the RYZEN CPU. I have a 1700x (XFR) and the tech just isn't worth the premium. Your two best options are a 1600 or 1700, both that include a really good air cooler, which I have overclocked with on my 2nd system, and for others so they work well. In gaming the 1600 and 1700 are almost identical in terms of pure gaming. Since your going to just be doing sporadic editing, a 1600 would be great. But if you do a lot more creation based tasks, pay for the extra 2 cores. Also I have a huge military family, thanks for your service.
  9. Case for Friend

    S340 Elite MasterBox Lite 5 RGB Phanteks Eclipse P400S Fractal Design Meshify Phanteks Enthoo Pro All under $100.
  10. Case for Friend

    Tons, he doesn't need to spend even $160. Does he want a mid or full tower?
  11. Are you asking for performance, aesthetic or both?
  12. NEW PC: No input Signal

    Im saying it might be the PSU out right.
  13. NEW PC: No input Signal

    Thats due to the 20C offset that is on some Ryzen CPU's. If you have XFR (1700x,1800x,1600x etc) AMD that it was a good idea to make the CPU think it's running 20 degrees hotter so that the Fans are pegged at 100%, thus keeping the CPU cool enough to use that technology. Dumbest thing ever. If you want your actual temps, then use Ryzen Master utility to check them.