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    Ryzen 1700x 3.4 ghz -Overclocked to 3.8
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    Corsair DDR4 16GB 3200 - Stable at 2933
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC -Hyrbid Water Cooled - Overclocked 2077
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    27 1440p IPS 165hz Acer Predator, 28 UHD 4k Sieki Pro 60hz.
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  1. Aio or custom loop?
  2. Yeah but I used it before there was even 1 star on Newegg or Amazon for it, does that make me better? (Yes, yes it does :D)
  3. For intel not really, you get maybe 5 more FPS out of faster ram in SOME titles. However Ryzen does because of it's infinity architecture, ram speed actually directly impacts how fast that information is shared between core chains and blocks. The difference between 2133 speed and 2933 speed for example is anywhere from 15-30 FPS increase depending on the title. I had a 2400kit for my Ryzen and I specifically got a 3200 ram kit just for it. The difference for me has been about 21-23 FPS in most titles that are affected by it.
  4. So its a stock cooler, so your only ever going to be able to push it so far, only way to reduce the heat (without going AIO or water) is to have better case cooling.
  5. Like said, most likely driver related. Its brand new tech, always bound to be a few hiccups.
  6. 1080ti problem? This is the problem haha. Just kidding but seriously, I have had alot of hit and miss with my GTX 1080, lots of updates that causes LOTS of issues. It may simply be a driver issue that will get resolved with next update.
  7. looks fine, that motherboard is great. I had the asus rog crosshair am4 (Bricked itself $250 board!) and swapped to that for my Ryzen 1700x and its working so much better. Two adjustments I would make is springing for a 570 if you can swing it because the difference in frames from a 560 is actually decent. Also on that Ram stick get at least 1 stick of 3200mhz if you can afford it. Reason being is Ryzen directly is impacted by Ram speed, so buying that stick allows you to overclock it (That PC MATE board has a A-XMP 1 click option that works like a freaking charm) and you can then add more ram as needed.
  8. So I have the Acer predator Gysnc IPS 1440p 165hz. I can tell you that I notice the difference from 165hz to 144hz, but you would never see that difference unless you first played at 165hz for a while, then had it drop. So as said unless the price is comparable, the 144hz is fine, anything above 100 is a huge difference.
  9. Yeah each SSD has a maximum amount of writes/reads built in, unlike a HDD that will just fail once the mechanical pieces break . Once it reaches that predetermined number it will die. So that being said a ssd greatly improves load time performance with games. But at this point getting a decent GPU would be a better investment, then you can always spring for a 120-256 ssd in a few for your most played games.
  10. First off, that is a odd resolution to play at. But if you just gaming and "Light" editing than a i5 would be fine for 60 fps without upgrading the GPU. But if your doing more content creation the i7 will perform better. GPU would only be worth upgrading if you were going for higher than 60 fps at 1080p, or trying to get into 1440p/4k territory.
  11. Yeah i5 would be hard pressed to record/stream will gaming at 144hz. I did a video with Ryzen on this, and its truly not a gimmick, the extra cores make it seemless.
  12. My latest game review!!



    1. ARikozuM


      HOLY SH#T!!!


      Someone posted a user video in the correct location!? All my praises to you, sir/madam/JohnWick! 


      Also, good review. Well deserving of the watch. 

    2. Thinkfreely


      Haha thanks Arikozum, I take that as high praise from you :D

  13. Does that board have a Bios flash port on the back of it? Remember that AM4 has been plagued with Bios issues (Ryzen user talking here). If it does download the most recent bios on a usb and flash it from the port in the back.
  14. Was gonna say this. The Z270 is the newest Z chipset for Intel so its better to just spend a extra $30 for the mobo so he doesn't have to worry about that moving forward. Or if you go AMD with a Ryzen 1600 he should be fine as the Am4 Chipset is supposed to not change for the next 3 and 1/2 years.
  15. Are you making sure the settings in the recording your using are set to 144hz? Remember that it can have a default setting at a lower resolution. Also if I am reading this right you have 3 gtx 970's in Sli? That could absolutely be causing issues with records, as SLI is imperfect by nature and the recording software might be only able to record from one of the GPU's.