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  1. haha yeah mate the office is in Au. kangaroos come out of the hiding. . . yeah that's also one thing I think is a must if we should run a solid server it should run a proper Server OS rather than a regular win 10 pro. . . I think what I need is simple I'm just making it complicated hahaha. . . honestly the issue started when win 10 decided to not be seen on the network by other computers but the server can see them.
  2. ^ Thanks for the feedback Yeah those are some that needs to be considered. . . I am also considering the outage of internet in case . . . I guess I just based on best case scenario where internet is up 100% of the time which is not ideal. to make it simple lets remove location C for now since that's only for expansion. any quick guide how to setup connection between this 2 office so they can sync in files from a main server (this can be a desktop? office A only have like 6 users and Office B about 4-5 users) maybe we can add another Desktop that will act as a server for Office B then just use a software to sync Office A and B servers?
  3. Hi Guys, I was just wondering if the community can help me have some idea on how to setup the file server that we need to implement on our office. I apologise if I don't sound knowledgeable but any feedback is appreciated. here's the scenario 3 locations A , B and C I would like to have a main server on Location A there should be 2 internet available for this location Fibre and NBN what is the best setup scenario to utilise the 2 internet connection for Location A so it can be shared on Location B and C? is there a setup that you can advise? this is for a small office and I'm not sure if they already have a dedicated file server their using. . . I think they are using a computer that's connected to a network and is sharing using windows sharing setup. they are sharing to location B and C using Hamachi. I know there should be a better setup than this patch up system. . .
  4. LOL I opened all the video on multiple tabs and I have been LINUSTUNNED! I hope I win *cough*