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  1. VHS to DVD happened for market progression. It sounds like you think companies went from 3 inch phones to 6 inch phones in 1 move. They progressively went from smaller phones to bigger phones, bigger phones sold better so they stopped making smaller phones and created bigger phones, that cycled repeated until where we are today. You don't think there was high end 3.x and 4.x inch phones? They took risks with 4.x phones, they sold better than 3.x phones, so they got rid of 3.x and moved on with different size 4.x phones, and they sold better. The market slowly moved because bigger phones sold better until the present day. You seem to think that your POV is the only POV that exists. Just because you see one way doesn't mean the rest of the consumers see the same way.
  2. Japan's population is pretty tech illterate. Asians in general love cute colorful phones. I'm not sure what the chinese likes, but I'm half japanese, half korean, so I have relatives from both countries. My female korean relatives all like the note series, they want giant colorful phones that they can decorate. While on the japanese side they don't seem to care. Most of them just have iPhone. And people still buy feature flip phones because cellphone bill prices are ridiculous. I don't have any info on other carriers, but docomo still uses pay by minute rates. You pay like 35 dollars a month for 25 minutes of phone call, and you pay by the minute after that.
  3. Well there you go. They don't have any initiative to make smaller screen phones, they'll keep producing large screen phones as long as they're selling. Market doesn't exist, so they won't produce anything for a market that doesn't exist. What's so hard to understand.
  4. Sales speak for themselves. Economically it would be a retarded move to produce small screen phones when large screen phones are selling in immense amounts.
  5. That's also the thing. The people who demand faster internet are loud, they voice their opinion, but they're still the minority. Most people, which are the people who actually pay the bills for internet, don't even know that they're getting shit service for high prices. Most of the market is like this, people who know what they want are always the minority.
  6. No need for research, following the law of supply and demand, if there was a demand there would be a supply. More demand would result in more production and lower prices, while less demand results in higher prices and lower supply. Following this basic law of economics, there isn't a supply because the demand is nonexistent, or the demand is so little that companies don't care.
  7. It's hard to find because there isn't a market for it. The amount of people that want a small screen is the minority. Most of the market is fine with around 5 inches.
  8. This is from my experience, I have a pair of HD598, while not the greatest headphones, I'd consider them to sound pretty damn good. Now I use them most of the time, but I using a pair of Siberia v2, I get much clearer footsteps when I used to play CS:GO. I used the 598 for everything else, but if I needed positional audio, I always used the siberia v2, because it was alot easier to hear footsteps with.
  9. Well people seem to think music performance is the only thing that matters in games. While in casual games that might be true, if you're looking for a "gaming optimized" headset, that means you would want to hear footsteps and stuff, and for those stuff audiophile headphones are horrid to use. It's much better to get a cheap Kraken Pro than a 300 dollar audiophile headphone for "gaming". While it won't sound as good for music/movies, it's much better for gaming where you want to hear small details like footsteps more clearly.
  10. And 720p to 1080p wasn't noticeable either when screen sizes were 4.5-4.7 inches. What you're saying isn't unique or special to 1080p, literally everything you said has applied to the lower resolution that came before it. That's why it will be taken with a grain of salt by most companies.
  11. Hey, it ain't my fault your country has shitty Internet. Don't you wish you had Google fibre roll out? Seriously, double digit mbps speeds are slow. That should not satisfy you.
  12. Guess what, people also said there wasn't much of a difference between 7,200 and 1080p. And 1440p is definitely sharper than 1080p,just like how 1080p is sharper than 720p
  13. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/229119-government-starts-testing-a-program-in-which-a-user-must-have-license-internet-id-to-access-the-internet/page-6# If you actually read the article and research the topic, you will have no idea what all the idiots in the comment section are talking about. It's like they formed an opinion on based on the title without any information, and they sound like idiots because of that.
  14. Battery to, there's been a lot of people that wanted battery progress, didn't really happen. We have like note 4 and LG g3 that could last a day or two with giant batteries.
  15. Different uses? It's not like we're comparing consumer products to server products. It's a consumer o7 vs consumer i7, one is cheaper and performs worse, the other is more expensive and performs better.
  16. Alright let me break it down for you, since you seem to lazy to comprehend it yourself. Look at his build, and look at what he's planning to buy, pretty much everything is high end, so you can easily assume that he has alot of money to spend. With that much money, he could easily jump to a x99 platform, which is still BETTER than any z97 chip. Just because one product is better than another, it doesn't make the inferior product bad. Superior/inferior doesn't describe a product, it just describes how its placed compared to a different product. Which in this case, x99 is a superior platform compared to z97, but that doesn't mean z97 is terrible, its just not better than x99, hence it's inferior to x99. Understand?
  17. People always say that with everything. It only takes a year or two for them to change their minds. What you're saying applied to every single standard resolution released on a phone, the number of core/ram on a phone, screen size etc.
  18. I feel like you didn't even try to comprehend what I said.
  19. If you're satisfied with their shitty 30mbps connection... You've never had good internet. Anything below 100 is ancient, and anything below 500 isn't modern.
  20. People also didn't understand why anyone would want a 720p display when 480 was a sweetspot. And then people couldn't understand why anyone would want 1080p displays on phone when 720p was a sweetspot.. Give it a year and you'll be wondering why anyone would want a 4k display when 1440p is the sweetspot.
  21. I'd step up to X99 and 5820k. You're build isn't bad by any means. Just that you seem to have alot of money to spend, and x99 with their 6 core CPUS would provide you a better experience in long term.
  22. Honestly, unless you're getting one of those expandable closed loops, or getting a closed loop for your GPU, I'd stick with air cooling. I can't stand AIO coolers because of their pump noise.
  23. h75 is a waste of money. Either go 240mm radiator, otherwise air coolers will always be cheaper/perform better/more silent
  24. Have you actually used blue switches? You can't even hear them through a closed door. Blue was only switches with a sharp click, the brown's small dull bump isnt even close to the satisfaction of typing on a blue. Clears are better than browns, they have a more noticeable bump, but still nothing compared to the clicks of green/blue switches.
  25. If we're not aurguing about the same issue then its not an argument, just pointless bickering