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  • Birthday 1987-06-06

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    Gaming, weight training, game design, writing, almost all types of music but generally gravitate towards metal and chip tunes.
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    I'm a parent, former soldier, current student and eternal gamer. My life's not terribly interesting so hopefully it will suffice to say that I'm a nerd who's in love with bettering his mind and body. I'm currently studying exercise science in school, and when I'm not doing something in regards to that I'm usually either brushing up on combo skills in fighting games, reading a good book, or doing some training.
  • Occupation
    Bookkeeper/Human Resource, Personal Trainer


  • CPU
    i7 3820
  • Motherboard
    asrock x79
  • RAM
    16gb G.Skill Ripjaws
  • GPU
    Gigabyte G1 GTX 980 ti
  • Case
    Termaltake overpriced flashy POS with great air flow but too many damn LED's,.....won't be using ridiculous cases like this for my next machine.
  • Storage
    120GB Adata SSD, 1TB Western Digital Hard drive(looking to replace with a 1 TB SSD at some point)
  • PSU
    1200w thermaltake
  • Cooling
    CPU is water cooled, everything else stock air
  • Keyboard
    Mad Catz Strike 7(hate it, looking to replace at some point as I never use all the ridiculous gimmicks of it)
  • Mouse
    G9x Logitech and a 2013 razer death adder
  • Sound
    Boss portable speaker set(I like em so don't judge me!)
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Premium 64 bit
  1. I would absolutely love that Excalibur v2 for my wife. We just recently got her own PC ready for gaming but she needs a proper keyboard to accompany it. Thanks and good luck to everyone.
  2. Get a bench, build a pull up bar with some galvanized pipe and mount it high on your walls in there, and get some power blocks so you can get sets in during loading screens or when taking a break from gaming. Being completely serious by the way. It's fucking awesome to be able to effectively and easily train and not interrupt gaming time; it's like having your cake and eating it too.
  3. Hey man chill out, we weren't trying to be dicks. I was just having a bit of a laugh because I honestly don't know to say on that one man. I truly don't think there's anything that can be done about that outside of waiting for the next batch of Windows 10 updates . Sorry bro, and I apologize if my post came off callous or rude, I was just playin P.S. It's good to see a fellow Metal Gear fan on this board!
  4. I'm honestly surprised it took this long, this could be Microsoft's longest functioning app yet! Yeah, above post got it right; disable that shit breh.
  5. Alright, then yeah it's definitely time to upgrade. I'm sure you're a great builder, I just always like to check and see if everyone's performed all the steps, you know how it is . Back on topic: The build's absolutely top notch so I'm hard pressed to think of how you could put together a better one, especially an X99 build. I guess I would go with a bequiet PSU over EVGA, but that EVGA PSU is honestly great as well; I just really like a silent rig. I mean the cooling in this thing's gonna be ridiculous with those Noctua's; you've got a machine that's built to last here man. To your question as to whether to wait or not, you sound pretty sure that this is what you want and the price is honestly fairly low for such a hefty upgrade; I say go ahead and do it man. I'll be over here envying you for finally making the jump to X99, as I've yet to feel compelled to pay the premium for DDR4 yet. Prices are dropping though, and your build proves that X99 is doable now, so perhaps it's time to consider it.
  6. I have to ask, since you're looking to upgrade to fix some performance issues and just general issues, have you tried just restoring the OS first? Nine times out of ten that will fix most issues. I only bring it up in case you're not too stoked about the upgrade process, as restoring the OS would be a lot less fuss.
  7. This is really the most logical option.
  8. 64 is a great temp, there's nothing to worry about there. I wouldn't invest in water cooling unless you're gonna overclock, otherwise there's really no point.
  9. Yup, this cat's nailed it. Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you as I was busy, but this fine gent's already answered your question appropriately.
  10. I've got to second this. Reinstall the drivers, make sure that your power option is set to high performance and not balanced, and I hope you're sure that your PSU was ready to handle SLI. In short, reinstall, high performance, check your PSU. If those don't work, then there might be a problem with the motherboard or one of the cards.
  11. This so much, god I hate that immature shit. It's the main reason why I stopped following or watching Tek Syndicate and went over to LTT, and I've been very happy ever since. On topic: I prefer PC for the fact that I'm in control of the experience. This doesn't necessarily mean frames per second, higher resolutions, better textures and middle wares and all that, (though those are quite nice), what I'm referring to is being able to customize the experience to my preference. Take motion blur for example; I hate the shit, and yet on consoles I'm forced to endure it even though it almost always introduces a small amount of input lag and blurs an otherwise crisp, pleasing picture. I adored Bloodborne on PS4, and yes I still have consoles for exclusive titles, but on PC if I don't like chromatic aberration, motion blur, fxaa, "halo" introducing ambient occlusion algorithms that aren't well optimized or implemented, or a nauseatingly low field of view I can change those settings at my leisure. I mean that's a powerful thing that's taken for granted often by modern console users: a gamer will enjoy the experience more if he can customize it to his liking; I mean it seems so simple that it should be common sense right? And yet somehow it's not..... it boggles the mind.
  12. That's a great price for that case. Oddly enough, I've been sitting on an R4 for over a year now as I was planning to make a build in that case and still haven't gotten around to it. Now I feel like a jackass for not waiting for this.
  13. The x3 is extremely light and has no stupid looking LED's on the outside; I chose it because it's not very gamery looking and it's performance is top of the line. I needed something I could use in the office without feeling like a jackass and I've gotten nothing but compliments on the X5. Speaking of the x5, it's extremely light and portable so the x3 should be all the more so.
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834725006&cm_re=aorus_x-_-34-725-006-_-Product It's on sale and has a 100 off promotion right now putting it at $1200 for absolute powerhouse of a laptop with a wonderful 3k display. It's around your budget and much more powerful than what you were looking for, it's a win win OP.