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    My name is Gautham.I'm from Chennai, India.I'm 23 years old. I'm doing my PG on Computer Applications. After completing this course I'll study PG on Game Developing to follow my area of interest :)
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    Intel i7 6700
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    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
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    1*16 GB DDR4 2400 MHZ
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    nVidia EVGA GeFore GTX 770 SC (soon to be upgraded)
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    Phanteks P400S
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    1*7500 RPM 2TB HDD WD Black
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    Seasonic M12II-850
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    24" BenQ GL2460 monitor
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    Circle Gaming Keyboard Adroit X 7C
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    Logitech G402
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    Creative 2.1 and Kingston HyperX Cloud II
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  1. Hey LTT Fellas, Need a suggestion in buying over the ear headphones or earbuds which can be both wired or wireless (preferable) around 15,000 INR (~220 USD). Basically I'm a bass head, and I would love some extra punch and if it comes with codecs like aptX it would be awesome. Please suggest me some headphones or earbuds. For this price range if it's with ANC, I would definitely go with it. Please post some suggestions. Ty in advance. Sites from which I would buy. Amazon India Headphone Zone Flipkart Paytm Mall Thanks and Regards, Yash
  2. EVGA GTX 760 SC GFX Card Freeze and Crash issues

    I ran benchmark around 45 mins, GPU temp was right around 80-85, the whole time, I guess it's okish temp, bump, any solution folks?
  3. EVGA GTX 760 SC GFX Card Freeze and Crash issues

    I'll run stress test, when I'll get to home and will let you know, it's goes all the way up to 80ish when running heaven benchmark.
  4. EVGA GTX 760 SC GFX Card Freeze and Crash issues

    Each time whenever I'm installing a new driver, I do a clean install, I've to try with some of my friend's pc as you suggested, still my GeForce 9500GT is working perfectly, what might cause the death of this card, so early
  5. Hey LTT folks, For the past last year, my EVGA GTX 760 Sc card have the following issues, crashing on high settings when DotA 2, in order not to crash I'm forced to play at low settings, even games like cs: go and Rocket league have this issue, on paper my GFX card should easily blow these games out of the water, but for certain some reason, it's keep on crashing, unfortunately there's no evga service center at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. so I tried some of the solutions like changing power to PCI as performance, cleaning whole pc once in two months, changing PCI slot, tried different gfx card in the same slot (which works flawlessly), tried OC'ing and providing more power to gfx card using MSI afterburner and also tried with Precision X. please need help with this, eventhough rest of the components are relatively new and because of the gfx card, i'm forced to play at lower settings, it's irritating. PC Specs: CPU: Intel i7 6700 Mobo: Asus H170 Pro gaming ATX GPU: EVGA 760 SC w/ ACX Cooler 2.0 (Bought on late 2013) PSU: Seasonic 850w bronze graded 80+ Ram: Corsair vengeance 2400mhz case: Phanteks P400 Cooling solution: Stock fan on CPU and 3* CM 120mm SickleFlow X and 3* TT 120MM Riing fans for exhaust Please need a solution asap, share your wisdom folks, ty in advanced. Thanks and Regards, Yash
  6. Hola LTT folks, need help with choosing headset (headphones) with noise cancelling feature for official use, please suggest me some good headset (headphones) within 2500 Indian Rupees from the following Indian websites Amazon India The IT Depot Flipkart It must be over the ear and it should be with noise cancelling mic for official use and it should be within 2500 Indian Rupees, please suggest me some headset from the above mentioned sites, ty in advanced. Thanks and Regards, Yash
  7. Hey Air cooling enthusiasts, Need a help with case fan placements, I own 3* 120mm cooler master sickleflow x and 3* 120mm thermaltake riing fans. Current fan placements are 3* thermaltake as a intake and 3* cm fan for exhaust in my Phanteks p400 case. I guess cm fans can do better at pushing air to the components when compared to tt fans, since the RPM and cfm is greater than tt fans (and also physical test with hand :3 ), should I need to rearrange cm fans as intake and tt fans as exhaust, help me senpais ;_; , ty in advanced.
  8. Hi fellas, need help with wireless earbuds / earphones / headphones / headset for from some Singapore e-commerce website, basically I'm a bass head, for now thinking about getting "SoundPEATS New Q30 Magnetic Wireless Earbuds" from "qoo10.sg", please put forth any suggestion, and also feel free to recommend any product over this but the only one thing is it should be or less than 50 Singapore dollar, ty in advance.
  9. Need help with Cooling

    Cool, will get some aftermarket cooler, would you guys recommend Circle Stay Cool CG-12 120MM Red LED Case Cabinet Fan: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00N3V8JME/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A36E7FF7PPLK9U It's CFM is 90 according to the page, that's great right, I could use this at front intake right (if yes means, I'll order 3 and install em at front) or should I order 2* CM SickleFlow X whose CFM is around 70, need some advice on case fan w/ red led (accent).
  10. Need help with Cooling

    gonna get Hyper 212X, even though it's an non-k cpu
  11. Need help with Cooling

    So basically I need to go for Air flow case fans right. Higher the CFM, higher the Airflow if I'm not mistaken right?!?! Suggest me some good fans which is below 1000 INR a piece from theitdepot.com or amazon.in or flipkart.com , ty in advance
  12. Need help with Cooling

    For the aesthetics tbh, my specs are i7 6700 (with stock cooler), evga gtx 760 sc (which I need to upgrade asap), Asus h170 pro gaming mb, 16 gigs ram, and just want something which will be more aesthetically appealing (goes well with red black color scheme) and perform a bit well than those stock Phanteks case fans, as far as PSU fan it should be facing down. Affirmative, ty for the replies.
  13. Need help with Cooling

    Hello Tech gurus, Need help with cooling my Phanteks P400, have two stock Phanteks fan along with 4* CM's Sickle Flow X fan, need advice on getting additional two case fans (static or air flow fan) and where should I place those new fan to get optimal performance, and also I keep my PC on desk, should my PSU fan face top or should it face the bottom, please suggest me a good case fan from the following sites (each fan should not cross 1000inr (15 USD)) The IT depot Amazon India Flipkart Ty I'm advance, Yash
  14. Need advice on OS for my laptop