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  1. Hi guys, Quick one for those more experienced in today's crypto situation. I have a Radeon HD 6970 and an HD 7950 sitting around gathering dust, are there any profitable or viable mining opportunists still out there for small scale GPU mining? I'm think alt coins of some type. And obviously I want it to make financial sense after electricity cost. I have a decent motherboard and CPU etc also lying around (AMD) to kit it out.
  2. Plex has a built in feature that allows me to see the users from within the plex app ( Status> Now playing) and also the devices that have accessed it. What advantages do the plugins have? Regarding security, I have tried to access the forwarded port when away from home to check this and was given a "Not authorised" prompt. So perhaps plex secures it? Do you think opening a port for remote desktop is a security risk?
  3. A Combination of lan and remote clients, as well as personal backups over the network! Yes I'll look into it but It would involve replacing my isp router with a modem as well due to the fiber connection I have. Perhaps in the future. Thanks for your help!
  4. That is exactly my use case! I am running a plex media server shared with my friends. But I don't have the cash to invest in a new router or NICS atm, it will have to wait if there is no software solution
  5. I have seen it but it seemed to be very limited and then the only good version was paid..but thanks!
  6. 1 internally and 1 one on a pci NIC
  7. Effectively teaming them to achieve a 2Gbps theoretical connection, using whatever method is must useful
  8. Hi Guys, Looking for an easy software solution to bond 2 gigabit ports together on a media server PC to allow for extra bandwidth when backing up at the same time as streaming. Is there anyway to do this that doesn't involve hardware changes? And would bridging the connections in windows be of any use? thanks
  9. They look good especially the node 804, but any budget options?
  10. I was thinking of a cube shaped case similar to the Antec p50, but with more drive bays. Would like at least 4 3.5inch bays. Any good recommendations?
  11. Thanks guys, I'll test over the next few days but it sounds like I need to get a modem from my ISP and just get two of the same routers in order to achieve this.
  12. I have 2 routers, one set up as DHCP and connected direct to the net(on the bottom floor), and another set up as a secondary (on the top floor). I've just changed all the WiFi settings on both to match. Will my devices seamlessly and importantly Automatically switch between the two as I move floors? Here is the guide I followed. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/setting-up-wireless-routers-same-ssid-68675.html They are both functioning perfectly now, but just not 100% on the switch over as I had to do it manually before when the SSIDs were different. Thanks!
  13. Windows itself, ie the ring of dots and a windows 10 logo. It's a software based issue
  14. Yep running right now at advertised speeds, it's literally booting that is the only issue.
  15. All All of which I do regularly, but thanks for the help!
  16. Could be a routing issue with Virgin Media, unless you have changed of your modem/router's settings I'd just give them a call and ask what's going on.
  17. Not 40 mins to start thankfully, just to load this samsung software! And I'll leave installing from fresh as my last resort because I'm sick of having to do it every 6-8 months
  18. Scanning for drive information please wait... how long is that supposed to take? @MagnesiumPC
  19. I don't believe I do, I'll look for a download now.(RAPID I mean, TRIM is enabled) Yeah it's definitely in a 6Gb/s sata port!
  20. It's all in the title, specs in sig. Any tips on speeding up boot times apart from usual disabling of programs in task manager etc..? Thanks
  21. That would involve me having a PC located in the UK to connect to..which I don't There are many many great paid options but my question was specifically free ones. I'll check it out!
  22. So wondering if any of you guys try to watch BBC iPlayer over seas? I have been trying for years to get a good *FREE* proxy to stream but none of them have UK as a free option? Anyone know any good proxys for this?
  23. The upgrade came with a new router, which is plugged in right beside it, so maybe that's causing the interference? That's the only new thing in the house as far as I know.
  24. Yes, direct to the modem I have the full 240Mbps on a speedtest.