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  1. "How to turn your Dell into a gaming rig!" and "101 other uses for your gaming Dell after it suffers a rapid heat death!"
  2. Never had the money fully enjoy a new AAA maxed out game, yes, my current setup is the most capable one I've had yet, but I'm not looking to spend nearly the whole cost of my pc or more on just a gpu, I don't have the money to do that, yeah, I could save up, but then I'd still need all the other bits, I'm not waiting months to play Black Mesa's Xen after waiting this long already just for fps over 40-50 when I could just nudge a few settings for things I don't care about and get nice smoothness 95% of the time. So for me, consoles are a more cost effective way to play new games, but since there are very few modern titles I want to actually play on ANY platform, my pc is plenty capable. I'd say exclusives but since Halo Reach and eventually Halo 2 Anniversary are coming to Steam, that argument for me is now null.
  3. We finally got a pic of Mistral with his ears perked, he hasn't grown much bigger and will probably stay the size he is now.
  4. I run all games at 1080p (native res) and tweak settings from there, though most of my AAA library isn't all that new. NMS runs on a med-low mix though from what I understand that game has some performance issues in the first place even on consoles so I typically get 35 to 80 fps. Skyrim I do mixed high-med with med-high LOD settings and I get a buttery 60 with a drop of three or four frames once in a while though I can still get playable fps in most areas on ultra. BeamNG.Drive isn't all that new or even full release but it is very cpu heavy, I can usually spawn four cars at once, seven or more cars tank the fps though. Fallout 4 is ify, weird performance, sometimes it's a smooth 60 and then I go to Diamond City and see drops in the 10's Fallout 3 and NV default to ultra and I haven't seen any performance issues. ES Oblivion also defaults to ultra and is the same story as Fallout 3/NV. Black Mesa (Half-Life's unofficial remaster) can get intense in some spots but it's a Source engine game so it'll "run" on a lot of hardware though with tweaking, I've got most of the settings maxed except for dynamic shadows and water reflections both on med with and average fps of 50-60.
  5. I'm rocking an almost identical system (half the ram) and I have had a blast with most games. I have a very light oc of 1550mhz on my 1050 and it's trucking along nicely, I imagine with a beefier psu and better case exhaust fan, I'd be willing to push it higher.
  6. Known brand, got Xbox as kid for Christmas 03 or 04, got a 360 in 08, and got a XB1 after they stopped the Kinect forced bundle, so I know what to expect from them more or less. Doesn't mean I don't use other platforms, just have a bit of an experience bias with the Xbox when it comes to console though my PS4 just collects dust since we rarely use it.
  7. 2x N64's 1x PS1 1x PS2 1x red ringed Xbox 360 1x working Xbox 360 s 1x Gamboy Advance SP 1x Gameboy color 2x 1st gen Xbox one's (power bricks failed) 1x PS4 that's been sitting in a tote for two years now (Not last gen, but is my least used system) 1x 3DS XL 2x Wii's (one has a bad disk drive) 1x Wii U
  8. I have three... My old setup from when I joined the ltt forums... My last pc, a small form factor Dell had to have the hard drive outside of the system since the cpu fan duct/hard drive holder was obstructed by my gpu. On my current pc I have attached wire fan guards to my cpu and case fan with twist ties and changed the color of the white power and hdd activity led's to purple using purple duct tape. Yes, there is a dead moth inside the cpu fan, I noticed after I posted and looked. I don't want to know how he got in there since the side panel was on....
  9. Rumble Racing? Only Ps2 racing game that I can remember that matches, but it's been over ten years since I last played that.
  10. Got my first mechanical keyboard a short time ago, and it feels so nice to type with, being budget oriented I bought a Blackweb (Walmart brand) one since the Corsair I had been looking at was to expensive. It's not rgb, but does have colored back lighting with three brightness levels and a handful of lighting modes. I had to google more info about it (after I already bought it) and learned that it has Outemu Blue key switches that I assume are budget versions of Cherry MX blue's. I know there are probably better options, but compared to thrift store oem ps2 rubber dome keyboards i'm used to, this thing is amazing.
  11. I have a small lcd tv as a monitor at the moment, though it does do 1080p, it only has one hdmi port and I use an xbox one to play co-op over xblive with my gf but I don't want to kill the port constantly plugging and unplugging my pc/xbox. What I'm looking for. must support at least 1080p no more than $100usd would prefer built in audio would prefer two hdmi ports
  12. Ok cool, I mentioned the proprietary connectors thing due to my old Dell Optiplex 780 tower using some kind of nonstandard connection that resembled an eIDE type thing so I'm always over cautious about stuff like that. Definitely a better choice, the switch that comes attached to the tower is meh at best, and the green/orange bi-color led is dated. Seems fitting, my dx5150 was an Athlon64 system, so I might take this as an idea when I can work on this project again...
  13. Pit bull, got him from someone who wasn't doing a good job with him, you could see his ribs and spine. His previous owner wasn't around and had another dog that he said was greedy with food, there were other ways to keep him from getting that skinny, but he's a healthy pup now at least. Here's a pic from his first day with us when he was 5 months old. here he is after about two months. The camera woke us both up, that said, I wouldn't trade Mistral for a thing.
  14. Both actually, the pup's sharp as a knife...when he's awake at least.
  15. When I get ready to work on it, is it alright if I shoot you a pm? Any knowledge I have about CRT work is second hand besides a 40ish y/o old Sears portable tv I still haven't been able to get working.
  16. Ok, cool, need to check the heater circuit when I have the time to take a crack at fixing it, I opened it up initially when the issue cropped up but I had nothing to test voltages or replace components at the time, now I do, I just need the time.
  17. Man......I liked it too. I hope it's not the tube, I was hoping that a cap just went bad, I'll have to look into it in the near future.
  18. It looks fine, I can't remember the res...768 I think, but it works fine for about 2 to five minutes then the picture fades to black. If I turn it off for a few minutes and turn it back on, it will work for several minutes before going out again.
  19. I would be interested in seeing an LTT crt video, that said modern flat panels aren't that bad but I'm also using a cheap lcd tv as a monitor. I still have my crt but I think it has a bad or leaky capacitor since it can't seem to display an image for more than a few minutes.
  20. I have noticed the weird performance thing most heavily in Crossout, but I haven't played since I upgraded due to bad internet speed lately. Another thing I'm wondering is if I might be dealing with a bottleneck between the i5-3570 and my 1050, and what type of performance hit that might result. I don't really know what to look for.
  21. Memory from both pc's is identical. The psu seems fine, to be honest, I think the older systems psu was giving out, but there's no what that somehow boosted performance. The only difference in the computers is size, age, cpu, and psu output as far as I can tell,
  22. Pretty sure it's dual channel, 4x 2gb, same setup as the older one. I though it was weird too.
  23. So before I I upgraded to a 1050, I had been using an Asus Radeon HD 6570 1gb gpu oc'd to 800mhz, first on a pc that had an i5 660 dual core (with hyperthreading - 4 threads) in a sff Dell, I got honestly poor performance in many games but at least had a loosely playable experience in Skyrim SE on low. I fast forward to about two-three months ago, I bought a newer Dell full tower pc with an i5 3570 quad core cpu (without hyperthreading - also 4 threads). When I first got it, I planned on buying a new gpu to go with it, but before the upgrade to the 1050, I popped in my hd6570 to get me by since the igpu was awful and almost instantly I noticed that some games seemed to run worse while some did improve. Are there certain game loads that worked better on my hyperthreaded dual core that have a harder time on a non-hyperthreaded quad core? Should I look into a cpu with this feature?
  24. I forgot about this thread to be honest, I still have the case, but due to a multitude of financial issues, I haven't done anything with this build since the last post. That said I do want to finish it since it's currently a footrest under desk at the moment... As for what I did to it, I gutted the whole case. The front usb is a pair of usb3 with what I assume is a standard connector, same as the front audio ports. The usb3s came from a long since dead small form factor Acer OEM. The audio ports came from the HP. The plastic bit from the power button, power LED, and hard drive activity LED, was removed but the metal connector bits from inside the plastic plug that connects to the motherboard are still there, a bit more finicky to plug in, but so long as you know what two wires do what, you'll be fine. For the front usb/audio, I'd say be careful with plugging in things from OEM boxes since some may be proprietary to a specific line of pre built systems so do good research first.