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  1. Hello, so, yea, odd title but anyway, thing is, my WD hdd just showed this in DiskInfo it (and the whole PC) is only ~1 year old, while idk what caused this, i highly suspect it is the constant power outage that happen in my country, sometimes the power will go out 3-4 times in a day. happens in both summer AND winter, and due to me working from home, my PC is on almost 24 hours, so, 100% of the power outages happened when my PC was on. Anyway, thats why i was thinking about swapping my 1TB HDD for either 500GB or another 1TB SSD instead of getting anoth
  2. My PC is making this weird noise, https://vocaroo.com/1ljTnJwN2Zf6 I can't identify which component is making it. is my HDD failing?
  3. Hi, I'm currently considering this https://eu.aoc.com/en/gaming-monitors/24g2u5-bk monitor, its the 75hz variant of the popular 24g2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MHdeDv9bqI I don't care about the 144hz because i don't have powerful hardware to achieve 144 anyway, 75 is more than enough for my rx 580. I will be upgrading over the current TV i am using as a monitor, this one https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-syncmaster-t23a350/ (a TN panel according to the link) Would it be a decent upgrade? i initially wanted a 27" 1440P instead, but the cheapest 27" QH
  4. Is there a way to force my android phone to receive all sms? (Like Send/receive in Outlook for ex.) I have multiple sms that i should receive but they are "stuck" and every time i restart i receive one only!
  5. The ONLY thing bothering me about the smearing of the VA is this, this asus tuf is more than x2 the price of the samsung, i would very much rather pay more for even a smaller screen if it means i can avoid that!
  6. There are some AOCs that offer 144hz for that price
  7. The ONLY thing bothering me about the panel type is the smearing of the VA, this asus tuf is more than x2 the price of the samsung, i would very much rather pay more for even a smaller screen if it means i can avoid that!
  8. I'm currently eyeing two very closely priced monitors an MSI 24" 1080P IPS 144hz .flat a Samsung 27" 1440P VA 144hz .curved i was obviously leaning towards the samsung for bigger size and higher res, but considering all the cons i am reading about VA panels and the really bad response times and bad smearing, i started considering the IPS. These are the response times for the samsung (can't find one for the MSI) Any advice?
  9. but shouldn't the 27 look much sharper? bec. of the better ppi?
  10. I was browsing rtings.com for reviews for my upcoming monitor purchase... Anyway, i stumble upon the Asus TUF VG32 and the AOC 27G2 Here is a screenshot from the text clarity part on rtings.com (32 inch Asus on the left - 27 AOC on the right) 92 ppi vs 109 ppi How does the 32 inch have better clarity at worse ppi against the 27 inch!!? Both are VA panels 1440P 144hz """1ms"""
  11. May i ask, do you like your current 32"? i was eyeing multiple 32 inch @ 1440P monitors, but got a lot of comments saying that 32" @1440P have a really bad ppi and text/icons are very blurry/pixelated , and that its not that great for gaming as its too big and i would end up turning my head a lot. Do you agree with that?
  12. Is 32 inch @ 1440P that bad? would the text/icons be blurry and have visible pixels? I thought the 32 inch would look "cool" in gaming because of the big size (compared to my current 24 inch at least)
  13. Hi everyone. i built my pc last year (Rx 580 - Ryzen 2600 - 16gb) but I am still using an old 24 inch Samsung tv as my monitor, and i want to upgrade. I am currently eyeing these 3 monitors 1- Samsung C32JG50 32 Inch 1440P 144hz 4ms NO free-sync / G-sync 2- AOC CQ32G2E 32 Inch 1440P 144hz 1ms free-sync only 3- ASUS TUF VG27WQ 27 Inch 1440P
  14. Thanks. The only reason i didn't want the 27 is because i thought it wouldn't be much of an upgrade to my current 24" 1080P one