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    I like animals. Humans are ok.
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  1. I posted on your youtube channel, but I'll post on here in case someone else can benefit. I had the exact same issue after Creator's update. I simply went into the icon options via Right-Click on desktop, View, and changed my icon size. I took it to large, then small, and finally settled on medium. For some reason, my icons began to behave normally after I did this. I was checking and clicking on everything just to mess with the options, but it immediately started working after I had manipulated the SIZE of icons. I can't explain why(yet), but it almost makes sense. The icons were behaving as if they were unaware of their boundaries. After a manual reset via the options menu, the icons settled. If this doesn't work, the only other thing I can recommend is to update any applications that have an affect on your desktop(Especially icon organizers). Don't hesitate to respond if you have any questions or recommendations.
  2. I have a G3258......Soooooo, YES!! I often operate on a tight budget, so OCing is a way for me to catch up. I simply enjoy it as well. Cheers!
  3. I've been following Linus for what seems years now, but I am new to the forums. Fortunately, this forum is awesome and you all have a new permanent member. Thank you all for the welcome and conversation!!
  4. HAHAHAH.... I could read these things all day!! I've had a few clients "shocked" when they dropped or hit their laptop and I informed them that their HDD has quit. My granny doesn't know what the internet is(to be fair, we live in the mountains of WV). Also, I've received multiple requests to build a laptop(ya know, like a custom PC). Without them, though, most of us wouldn't have jobs. Cheers to all.
  5. I don't often crave ice cream, but I suppose 'Strawberry" is my standby.
  6. 56 WPM at 97% on a laptop. Slightly faster on mech. I took typing classes, but apparently I'm stubborn and continue to do it my awful way... Cheers.