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  1. ClaudioHenrique

    Realtek ALC887 vs Xonar DGX

    Hi guys, I know there is alot discussion about when to obtain a sound card regarding to a specific phone, wether it's expensive or not. But in this post I'd like to ask if it's worth to obtain a SoundCard ASUS XONAR DGX over using my current onboard audio chip REALTEK ALC887 from MB Gigabyte H110M-H DDR3. I'm currently using headset Hyper X Cloud Core I, 3,5mm jack. I mostly use my phones to play games, online and offline, and most of all, to listen music and live concerts. I tend to do it most part of my day, so yeah, I'd be looking for better audio quality. (many people might think the audiocard is too cheap for not having, but in my contry it is not, so an e-bay link would be appreciated too)
  2. ClaudioHenrique

    Monitor Samsung 4k 10bit Config

  3. ClaudioHenrique

    Monitor Samsung 4k 10bit Config

    Thanks for answering! I only can check 4:2:2 or 4:4:4. Is it weird? 4:2:2 would be the same as 4:2:0?
  4. ClaudioHenrique

    Monitor Samsung 4k 10bit Config

    Hello guys, I recently bought this monitor: http://www.samsung.com/br/business/business-products/business-monitor/ex-series/LU28E590DS/ZD Sorry for the brazillian page, but the model is: U28E590D. On descriptions it says that the pannel is 10bit. My current VGA is GTX 1070 Zotac, and I'm using the DP cable 1.2 that came in monitor. When setting my monitor to 10bit on Nvidia driver, I noticed that it goes back to 8bit automatically. Am I doing anything wrong? Are my games getting 10bit benefit regardless of that? A screenshot is attached to this post. If anyone can clarify what 10bit on this monitor means... I watch anime/concerts alot, and many of my files is actually 10bit, but I can't notice any difference. I don't know if that file is only encoded 10bit for size issues. Well, anyway, I hope anyone help me hehe.
  5. ClaudioHenrique

    [NEW MEMBER] Headset/Headphone upgrade. Currenly using Dazz 7.1 Headset.

    Thank you guys!
  6. Hi guys, sorry to keep posting the same and same question that is all over here. But I'm new in this forums (Big fan of Linus here) and I though maybe I could get recommendations and also explanations on how I could improve my Audio experience, by upgrading my headset or maybe buying a DAC+Headphone. I like to watch concerts and listen to music ALOT in my computer. I also Like gamming. I have currently a affordable gaming setup (I don't play First person shooters, I suck on it.) I play MMORPG alot and also The Withcher 3, etc etc, and I don't think my Audio experience is optimal actually. My headset is: http://www.kabum.com.br/cgi-local/site/produtos/descricao.cgi?codigo=44545&origem=52&gclid=CjwKEAjwxurIBRDnt7P7rODiq0USJADwjt5DFg-KABTDjD3vOdKxC1TKabp7yMlfG-no-E7lz5Aj0hoC_y_w_wcB (Couldn't find an international link for it. It has 40mm drivers, "7.1 virtual" 20-20khz frequency and 32 ohms +/- 15%) It's very cheap and I bought it years ago. It goes with a driver software, but I recently updated my Windows to Creator Update, and I'm using Dolby Atmos software that is recently added. My current motherboard is: http://www.waz.com.br/placa-mae-lga1151-gigabyte-ga-h110m-h-micro-atx-110970.html (Gigabyte H110M-H ultra durable). So I was thinking about what should I get. A DAC+Headphone or a Good headset. (I Saw that Linus recommended HyperX Cloud as affordable headset). My budget isn't high, since taxes for importation is high, but I'd like to head your thoughs about how could I improvde it for music/concerts and games.
  7. ClaudioHenrique


    I'd really want NEW Razer Blade 14 because that is an incredible laptop and I probably would be the only one in my Contry with this monstruocity machine!! I've been following your channel for over two years and you guys have incredibles reviews!!! Keep it up!!