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  1. I seem to have accidentally found a work around. No idea why this changes it, but if I switch profiles in MSI afterburner with hotkeys instead of clicking apply. Idle clock stays at 450. No more problems.
  2. No I do not have enhanced sync or Freesync.
  3. I've been in your struggle saving up for computer parts, and I'd say you get the best value with cheaper used stuff. In 8-12 months both GPUs will be different prices and new stuff might be out. Maybe look for a used 970 or similar if the price is right much sooner. You will get a massive upgrade over a 7700, and it will be enough for 1080p 60hz.
  4. 1. Stock settings runs 100% perfect. At idle GPU clock speed goes down to 450mhz, everything is fine. 2. Change either clock setting. Doesn't matter if it's even just 1mhz or an underclock. Idle clock speed goes down to 300mhz. This causes artifacts: screens flashing/flickering. I've googled and seen it talked about but I can't find a proper solution. It happens with 2 different GPUs I have; r9 270x and HD7970. I tried disabling ULPS in MSI Afterburner. Nothing changes. Someone mentioned swaping my bios for one that is stock overclocked, but then I read it's not supported starting on this series of GPU? The best solution I can come up with is to enable game specific overclocking but this still has problems when the game is loading or in menus sometimes or when alt-tabbing. Interestingly if I lower the resolution and/or refresh rate of my monitors it flickers less, and almost stops at the lowest possible setting.
  5. But my problem is it cant even reach ancient wireless speeds
  6. In what way is PoE used for internet access? Both are plugged directly into wall. If they have to be on the same fuse that pretty much defeats the purpose, but I'm pretty sure I read that shouldn't make a difference. I guess Ill try it out anyways before I try to return these. 80-100 mbps would be okay... I'm getting 30/8. Oh I forgot to mention the wireless is really old. 2.4ghz N300 (D-Link DAP-1330) and it's the default Comcast modem/router The powerline is a TP-Link TL-PA4010KIT AV600 Trying to play games again, and they're lagging. Yeah if it was my own house I'd just run cables in the walls. But I have roommates so it's not entirely my decision to have ugly cables through the house. Do you have any suggestions for no holes and no messy adhesive for mounting the cable ?
  7. I moved upstairs in an apartment and had no other network solution for my desktop, I had a random wireless repeater with an Ethernet port that I wasn't using anywhere else anyways. It was working okayish but kinda slow. Then in a recent WAN show, if I remember correctly, someone in my situation asked what wireless card to to get and Linus basically said don't get any wireless, just get cheap powerline ethernet adapters. So I got some, plugged them in...and everything was worse. I can tell in games and browsing the internet. I did a speedtest to be sure and I temporarily ran a long Ethernet cable up the stairs to verify. Powerline: Wireless: Ethernet control test:
  8. Yes, you can pedal as much or as little as you want. The motor will just make you go faster and extend your range. The particular battery on this bike would be about $400 to replace, and there are other options. That is the most expensive component of an ebike, but it has no moving parts, and as long as you treat it right, should last a while. If an individual cell dies, it's like $3 to replace. Yes, there is a problem with things requiring more barriers to entry. Like I said, it might not be for YOU, that doesn't make it bad for everyone.
  9. YYYEESSS, you finally reviewed an e-bike. I've been waiting for it since you started reviewing those other electric "vehicles". Especially that shitty scooter. @TaranLMG You should build your own ebike. You can get better specs for the price if you DIY. PM me if you want help with this project That said, $1600 for a cargo ebike isn't that bad, assuming it has decent quality components, but you could do better. I built my ebike for about $600 total. A moped requires a license and registration. You can ride a bike many places you can't ride a moped. You get exercise while riding a bike. Bikes are much more user-serviceable and if something goes wrong, easier and cheaper to fix. You might not be the target audience, but ebikes are amazing.
  10. I was looking to upgrade from my shitty Walmart Mongoose frame, and found this Trek with an awesome color scheme at the local bike kitchen. Got it for only $30 too Anyone else here eBike? Or regular, pedal, bike?
  11. I use a 10-key-less sized keyboard (CM QuickfireTK, which combines the arrowkeys/Ins,Home, etc. with the numpad. ) I love the space saving, but I would prefer a regular 10-key-less with a separate num-pad off to the side where I can reach it when I occasionally need it.
  12. I guess it's a possibility, but I've never had a problem with it or anything else in my system. There's no way to test this theory, is there?
  13. Soo I got the replacement for this issue on October 27th. Now, less than 2 months later, the replacement card died. I was working on something in Sony Vegas Pro, and all of the sudden; grey screen with white vertical lines again. FUCK THIS
  14. Awesome! My favorite part is the CPU cooler because it has good performance and is quiet