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  1. TheYonderGod

    Radwagon Review

    for you.
  2. TheYonderGod

    Radwagon Review

    Yes, you can pedal as much or as little as you want. The motor will just make you go faster and extend your range. The particular battery on this bike would be about $400 to replace, and there are other options. That is the most expensive component of an ebike, but it has no moving parts, and as long as you treat it right, should last a while. If an individual cell dies, it's like $3 to replace. Yes, there is a problem with things requiring more barriers to entry. Like I said, it might not be for YOU, that doesn't make it bad for everyone.
  3. TheYonderGod

    Radwagon Review

    YYYEESSS, you finally reviewed an e-bike. I've been waiting for it since you started reviewing those other electric "vehicles". Especially that shitty scooter. @TaranLMG You should build your own ebike. You can get better specs for the price if you DIY. PM me if you want help with this project That said, $1600 for a cargo ebike isn't that bad, assuming it has decent quality components, but you could do better. I built my ebike for about $600 total. A moped requires a license and registration. You can ride a bike many places you can't ride a moped. You get exercise while riding a bike. Bikes are much more user-serviceable and if something goes wrong, easier and cheaper to fix. You might not be the target audience, but ebikes are amazing.
  4. TheYonderGod

    My LTT eBike

    I was looking to upgrade from my shitty Walmart Mongoose frame, and found this Trek with an awesome color scheme at the local bike kitchen. Got it for only $30 too Anyone else here eBike? Or regular, pedal, bike?
  5. TheYonderGod

    Vortex Pok3r Giveaway sponsored by Massdrop

    I use a 10-key-less sized keyboard (CM QuickfireTK, which combines the arrowkeys/Ins,Home, etc. with the numpad. ) I love the space saving, but I would prefer a regular 10-key-less with a separate num-pad off to the side where I can reach it when I occasionally need it.
  6. TheYonderGod

    Black screen on boot when AMD drivers are installed

    I guess it's a possibility, but I've never had a problem with it or anything else in my system. There's no way to test this theory, is there?
  7. TheYonderGod

    Black screen on boot when AMD drivers are installed

    Soo I got the replacement for this issue on October 27th. Now, less than 2 months later, the replacement card died. I was working on something in Sony Vegas Pro, and all of the sudden; grey screen with white vertical lines again. FUCK THIS
  8. TheYonderGod

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    Awesome! My favorite part is the CPU cooler because it has good performance and is quiet
  9. TheYonderGod

    Black screen on boot when AMD drivers are installed

    UPDATE: I sent the RMA a couple weeks ago, and I just got an email from MSI. They say they are out of stock of suitable or comparable replacements, and want to give me $95 instead. Ummmm BULLSHIT?!! I bought it for ~$250 and for comparable performance from this generation I would need at least an r9 270, which is at least $150 ($180 for the MSI model) Edit: emailed them back that it wasn't acceptable, then they said they did have one, just not the same model (R7870-2GD5T/OC instead of the Hawk I had), so I took it.
  10. TheYonderGod

    Black screen on boot when AMD drivers are installed

    haha, good joke. Yeah, I wish. I'm gonna have to use onboard while I wait for the RMA. At least I should get playable frames in League though. edit: Sorry if that came out a little rude. I'm a student, living with parents, with no job. I built this PC 1 part at a time saving pennies and gold farming... I have no money for a new GPU
  11. TheYonderGod

    Black screen on boot when AMD drivers are installed

    I found out I can boot using my onboard GPU - I plugged my 2nd monitor into onboard, rebooted, and got a blue screen with white vertical lines on my main monitor (on GPU). Restarted and set primary display adapter to onboard, now I can boot into windows on my 2nd monitor. Main monitor on GPU is still blank though. GPU-Z, MSI Afterburner, and Catalyst Control Center now detect that I have a 7800 series GPU, but no info (clock speed, temp, bios, etc) about it. http://imgur.com/KqZNNMO http://imgur.com/btf6g1V http://imgur.com/sj1sMjT Also, CCC crashes a few minutes later. ----------- I tried turning off ULPS, the box is just un-ticked again when I open the settings. MSI Live Update doesn't detect a GPU bios update. That did remind me that my GPU has 2 BIOS, switching changed nothing though. ------------ I guess I'll go tear apart my brother's computer to test his GPU in my computer and vice versa, and maybe his PSU in mine, but it's only 430w so it might not be enough. He's not going to be happy Update: Put my brother's GPU in (6870), and it boots up fine. Time to RMA I guess. UGHH I put my GPU back in 1 last time before I cry myself to sleep, and now it's not completely black. Now it has horizontal artifacts, until a few seconds after I log in; then it's a just a blank blue-ish grey. http://imgur.com/13TfwpB http://imgur.com/UqL5OVQ http://imgur.com/wSqHyT4 Now THIS looks like it could be just a cable issue. I wish it was. I already tried both DP and DVI. I also put it in my brother's computer and it does the exact same thing. Thanks for trying though, Cheddle and Shisno.
  12. TheYonderGod

    Black screen on boot when AMD drivers are installed

    But on a completely fresh install just using the basic Windows VGA drivers, it works fine. As soon as I install the AMD drivers and reboot, I get a black screen. The mouse issue turned out to be the mouse itself. (I also tested it on my brother's computer to make sure) I can't check temps without the drivers installed. I do have a laser temperature sensor I could use to get the temp of the back of the card, but I have nothing to compare it to. I checked the fans, they are spinning freely.
  13. tl;dr: Black/white stripes, then fresh Windows 7 install; nothing but drivers and Chrome installed. Boots fine until I install AMD drivers, then its just a black screen. Tried both 14.4 and 14.9. A couple days ago (approximately Sunday/Monday) I was having no problems with my graphics. I decided to re-install Windows to try to fix a mouse issue, hoping it was a driver or software issue instead of a broken mouse (it is the mouse). I'm not sure if I installed 14.4 or 14.9 this time, it came out on the day or the day after I installed. Everything was fine the next couple days until yesterday when I was playing League of Legends a black and white striped screen flashed for a moment. It wasn't even a full second, so I assumed it was just a game glitch or something, nothing else happened for hours. Then I was watching a Youtube video (It was a LTT video so, Linus, you broke my computer!) and the same black/white screen came up, but this time it didn't go away. I could still hear the video, but could see nothing for at least 10 or so seconds, then nothing. I found a thread on another forum with a picture of what it looked like: http://www.eightforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/16656-weird-bsod-vertical-black-white-stripes.html I restarted my computer, and after the windows loading screen, where the login screen should be, it was just a blank black screen. Booting into safe mode worked fine, so first I tried to uninstall my AMD drivers (it said I couldn't run the uninstaller in safe mode, so I followed the guide on OCN: http://www.overclock.net/t/988215/how-to-remove-your-amd-ati-gpu-drivers/0_20 ). That did nothing, still the same black screen. I also tried typing in my password and listening to see if it was booting with no video, I didn't hear anything. So then I said screw it and re-installed Windows again. Installed chrome, chipset and sata drivers, and restarted. Everything was fine so far. Then I installed the latest AMD drivers (14.9) and rebooted, and got the same black screen. doh.gif Repeated the same process with 14.4; same result. And now I'm here. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! One more thing just came to mind, I am using a custom "minimal" Windows 7 installer. It's never caused any problems before, but I'll try 1 more time with the official installer... and not even install chrome or chipset drivers first. ONLY AMD drivers. Edit: still doesn't work.
  14. TheYonderGod

    DDR4 Vs DDR3

    Linus/team, you should use Battlefield 4 for your gaming benchmarks about memory. I used to be a competitive battlefield player (switched to CS now), so I was looking for any performance boost possible. I went from 8gb 1600 cl9 to 8gb 2400 cl11, and I got a noticeable performance improvement. (I was playing on lowest settings at 1080p and you can see the rest of my specs in my signature)
  15. TheYonderGod

    The Best Gaming Mouse?

    Zowie Ec1 evo is similar to the deathadder but with, imo, higher quality construction.