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  1. Update it didnt halve my lanes, the NVME drive uses the chipset lanes thru the interconnect
  2. Mobo gigabyte z270 gaming k3, 8x2 ddr4 corsair lpx ram 3000mhz , nzxt s340 elite with all the fans, psu corsair cx650m my cooler is a cooler master 240r rgb im can get to 4.6 at 1.28 and its stable anything more than that it becomes unstable either in testing or wont even get to desktop. at 4.6 the temps are decent, 20c delta t at idle ,40 or less at most realistic loads (gaming, various tabs open etc) most 7600k get 5.0 at 1.3 i cant even boot if i set the multiplier to 48 with 1.3v. Tried with avx-1, -2 nothing worked. hell even tried 1.4v 50 multiplier just for the lols the pc hanged before loaded windows any advice?
  3. theres is none for PCIe lanes. This make me think the m2 slot is part of the chipset(note is listed under chipset and not expansion slots) and uses the DMI to connect to the cpu but the image above makes doubt, also the reviews of this motherboard show the m2 nvme performance at full speed but I dont really know if they where stressing the chipset with sata drives at the same time(which i will be doing).
  4. this is the only thing the manual says regarding the lanes and I don't quite understand it, does this mean the m2 in pcie x4 config uses cpu lanes?
  5. I red a lot about this and have not yet come to a final conclusion. My motherboard is a Gigabyte z270 k3, with a i5 7600k. I bought and addlink s70 pcie 3.0 x4 240gb nvme ssd. From what I know installing that drive wont change my gpu connection speed (16x) because the m2 port on my mobo is configured to use chipset lanes. I already have 2 hdd on raid 0 and 2 sata ssds for storage on the same motherboard. Will the performance of the rest of the drives or the connection of the gpu (msi r390 8gb right now might change it later) be affected in any way?
  6. Representing Uruguay , only one state owned ISP here the speed is not bad compared to some of you though .
  7. Im from Uruguay and theres only one monopolic state-owned ISP, the Internet was the slowest and most expensive ever, until they decided to install fiber with all the money they connected. Now this is the result I get after paying the same that I payed for 4mb/s download on copper Im planinng to get the 120mbs download plan for 60 usd