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  1. Damn, I spilt a whole cup of water onto my old G11. I wish I still had it around to try this tutorial out.
  2. A friend of mine had a very similar problem with his GTX670. He fixed his problem by switching his card to another PCIE slot. Give it a go and see if that helps.
  3. The Walking Dead game has by far some of the best writing I've ever experience in a game. It was so refreshing to break away from Dota 2 or the usual FPS to play a point and click adventure. Choices had gravity and character development/interaction were sublime. Additionally it's such a universally appealing game due to its story focus rather than gameplay mechanics. Highly recommended: Walking Dead Game, episode 1-5
  4. I'm actually really interested in purchasing the Ducky Shine 2 with blue switches and white backlighting just like yours. How has your experience been with the keyboard? Anything bad?