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  1. Hey guys I am going to be ordering some custom cables from Pslatecustoms and having a hard time picking colors. I am likely going to choose gun metal grey as one of them but trying to get some cool ideas. Attaching a current pic I am willing to change out the orange so don't be to attached
  2. for the case size, also only going to have a graphics card and 1 m.2 drive.
  3. 9700k maybe an 8700k not 100% sure yet.
  4. Hey Guys, Looking to build a new pc for the first time in a few years looking for a MATX z370 motherboard, it seems like there is basically only 3 options out there... Am I missing something? any recommendations on what to go with thanks! Asus TUF Z390M-Pro MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge Gigabyte Z390M Gaming
  5. Do the daily live streams still happen and if they do, do they still get uploaded?
  6. Been awhile scene i have looked into this crap but I believe the Idea is just so they do not get put into the computers OU when they join, they will be placed were ever you stage them to.
  7. Hey guys, Planning out my next pc and having issues settling on a case, going micro ATX, and hoping to get a tempered glass case but its not 100% necessary, will need room for a rad for my custom loop. single GPU, no need for 3.5 HD
  8. Hey guys! With powershell I am trying to take two csv files with close to 100 usernames in them, and match the "username" field and fill in the "computer field for matches. Have not been able to make any progress does anyone have any suggestions? example csv's CSV1 Username computers Username computer ----------- -------------- ------------ ------------- User1 User1 pc1 User2 User2 pc2 User3 User5 pc5 User4 User8 pc6 User5 User5 pc7
  9. Hey guys, Looking for you option on the "best" pair of headphones under 250 or so. Currently looking at the dt 990 premium headphones. someone what concerned about them being to open as i will mostly be using them at work. Any help would be great!
  10. FadeZ

    prison break

    they both will escape
  11. Hey all, I'm relatively new to powershell, i figured out how i can export the home dirrectorys for a username I have it a text file. get-aduser -identity (get-content c:\demo\users.txt) -properties homedirectory | out-file C:\demo\home.txt' Only issue is -identity only lets you use one username not multiple I will have to change to get-aduser -filter and filter by samaccountname i believe but unable to get it to work, any help would be awesome
  12. the headphones were one of the options i was looking at, also was looking at dt 880's
  13. Just like the tittle says, looking for headphones max $300. I was using a 9h headset but its dead so looking to upgrade to a headset and microphone. Also if you have a mic ideas would be helpful. Any advice would be appreciated =]
  14. FadeZ

    IE 80 vs IE80 East?

    Ya, as long as i don't find anything I like more I will be getting them in the next few days.
  15. FadeZ

    IE 80 vs IE80 East?

    Can anyone please clarifiy the difference between IE 80 and IE 80 east? http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-IE80-Headphone/dp/B005N8W27I