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    Intel Core I7-6900k
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  1. Videos are not streamed from nextcloud, as far as i know, so you have to download the whole video before trying to play it.
  2. I am not sure if you are kidding or not. It seems that the CAM 3.xx does not show liquid temperature, when you are using the app in full screen. Press the cooling tab on the left, then unfold pump section to see the liquid temperature. Else try the newer CAM 4.xx and see what you think. It also shows liquid temperature.
  3. Hi, I have already started a thread on plex.tv forums, but maybe someone here would have the answer. Plex.tv Forum post I run Unraid with the Plex docker from linuxserver. I am sharing three libraries with my home users, and a couple of friends. But lately, none of them can access my shared libraries. The response is “No soup for you”. I know that it worked at 5 of October, but somewhere after that till now it stopped working. I have my automatically docker updates running every Friday, and the current version of Plex is 4.8.4, which should be the newest. The administrator account can see all libraries without any problem. Even outside my home, so routing should not be a problem Any idea on what i can try to get this fixed?
  4. NextCloud is not an operating system, so it will have to be installed onto something. Can be windows, linux or as you say, unraid.
  5. This is my 2080TI, some units are reaaaly slowing my PPD down. as low as 1.4M it seems. 14191 is bad... Also found this gem on my 2060. But note the download and completion dates. Still marked as finished unit though. So i guess it is FHM.net that read it wrong. My PPD is also going down during this week, because i am going to a LAN party, where i will have some downtime on my main system, and some loss in PPD during gameplay.
  6. As it seems, not for long though.
  7. Thank you, I am very glad all of us are part of this.
  8. So close to 4M PPD avg. Although i don't have download problems, i am just keeping getting low atom count WU's. But it is better than the download problem i guess.
  9. Other than removal of dust, there shopuld not be any maintenance with these types of coolers.
  10. First of all, Check your water temperature in CAM. This will indicate if the heat from the CPU even gets to the cooler. And thereby indicate where the problem may be. In CAM you can also check the pump speed. Show us.
  11. I still haven't had this download bug you guys are talking about. I just keep getting 14180 WU's. I have now installed HFM.Net to monitor which WU's i get the most.
  12. It sadly seems like top 10 is out of my league.
  13. I run a intel HEDT, 2080TI and a 2060 on that same PSU. so No problem