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  1. Personally, I feel they will naturally find their way into that information. In my view, start with Ubuntu, use it like you used Microsoft and give it a few months. That's my advice to newbies. Unless you're asking about what Linux distribution you should put on you're vision impaired grandmothers computer in which case my recommendation is altered drastically. < yeah Linux has a distribution for that use case specifically
  2. @M.Yurizaki As I've suggested. I agree these questions can sometimes be very detailed and looking for very specific solutions.
  3. 1. But I'm lazy, is it too much to expect a good question without having to pry out the details? 2. Again this is why we want a sticky addressing general "I'm new to Linux, where do I get started?".
  4. I'd imagine any sticky would be owned by the moderators. The way open source works...We argue like h*ll until we come to a general consensus. (sign up for ANY open source mailing list. We go back and forth on issues all day.) If we both disagree with each other then the answer is more than likely somewhere in the middle.
  5. I'd like to see the LTT guide pointing to the distributions guide(they are open source and under constant development no need to keep updating here unless a broken link occurs). The developers have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours documenting their software. I do not see a need to replicate that effort here. @Bigun I like the matrix idea. @bob51zhang I still feel it would benefit to the admin, moderators, forum owner, and users if a generic "We are not liable for your actions" was added to the Code of Conduct for the forum. Imagine advice leads to a loss of profits for someone or some company. There is nothing to stop them from coming after us or the forum for damages. It's standard practice to have such a clause. Just to clarify my view on Kali: I like Kali and the users of such software but I believe it is irresponsible to point someone who has declared interest in Linux to Kali. Furthermore if you were to suggest Kali I feel you should point the individual in the ethical path and provide links to the documentation they need to learn ethically on Kali(honeyd, vms, etc..). To qualify for an ethical hacker certification(who knows what they will be called soon enough) you cannot have a felony record. I'm not trying to discourage people with aspirations towards pentesting....I'm trying to protect them.
  6. Of course no banning of the users in fact the current forum policy prohibits any open conversation of such activity in threads. The OP's intention is not a ban of members who ask these questions rather the question itself should have some policy alterations to prevent duplicate threads. And in my view ensure "responsible suggestions".
  7. 1. That's because Kali is marketed as a "penetration testing" distro. That means they are protected from the "willingly" aspect of such laws. However, LTT Forums doesn't explicitly declare educational use or explicitly by pass any illegal activity by a EULA for example. So not only is LTT unprotected from such claims the user who suggested it is also equally unprotected. (easily fixed by fixing the tos of the forum to be like most other forums) This is why TV shows have the disclaimer because they've been subjected to such lawsuits. These are all juvenile cases and sealed so I cannot source them. 1.1 unfortunately this particular law doesn't actually require you to tell a kid to bring a gun to school the fact that you gave him a gun is enough. Proof: (Any lawyer worth the money will make such ridiculous jumps to protect a juvenile from felony charges. Blame Game defense is the most used defense for juvenile cases especially when the juvenile in question is obviously guilty of the crime. Seriously I've seen lawyers bring in report cards to undermine charges.) Kali EULA - North Carolina Law and United States Law for cases involving the use of Kali Linux (if you're using it you've agreed to it) So now the case is within the jurisdiction of the NC court system let's look at the law. North Carolina General Statutes 14-316.1. Contributing to delinquency and neglect by parents and others It's not nearly as much of a stretch as you're suggesting. Though extradition for a misdemeanor is not easy, unless your country has a similar law in which case the OIA will pursue you and failure to appear would just add to the charges. I've never seen you suggest Kali so I apologies for the use of "you" in this. 2. I agree. however, this is more about the generic "where do I get started with Linux". Not the I want to be able to watch Netflix, play Steam games, and run MS Office using the most optimized Linux install. 3. This is why we want a sticky.
  8. Not Global Services I have no input on it.
  9. If you only want money just target sales and make the sales director happy... their budget is always the most flexible and the things they need done can be accomplished without requiring 80 hour work weeks. You might even need to go to Amazon just to fill your free time, but your Director is happy so he won't care.
  10. @Prysin One day he'll step over the wrong line. @patrickjp93 The other engineers aren't untalented we just understand job security a little more...Automation initiative for X "I don't think it will work." A lot of developers intentionally fumble projects to save their colleagues. If you go for your bosses job what does that show his boss? You'll be targeted for termination in Corporate America if you keep going that route.("You're 2 minutes late Patrick, I'll have to report you" - your bosses boss after you screw over your boss) As far as elders being protected look at what happened at Microsoft, look at what happened at Raymond James Financial...you're insane if you think a director who's bonus is based off the remainder of his budget is going to spend bonus money to do skill retraining for the dinosaurs of Corporate America. Not trying to discourage your "transcending standards movement", just realize that there are consequences for such actions...You'll feel real awkward walking into a company that laid off 200+ employees because of your actions. Sometimes you just need to fumble a project because it's the right thing to do.
  11. #!/usr/bin/python3 ''' Always mark your code as your own. Not too shabby. CRSaka... :) Abusing the system to validate user input. I would like to add more functionality to this. ''' ''' used to match unit input with conversion to centimeters. try using a regex to replace the list provided. after the conversion number :) ''' convert_dict = { 0.39370: ["inches","inch","i"], 1: ["centimeters","centimeter","c"] } def convert(message): match = 0 while match != 1: try: measurment, unit = input(message).split() for divideBy,ListMatch in convert_dict.items(): if unit in ListMatch: match = 1 return(int(measurment)/divideBy,"centimeters") if match == 0: print("\nError unsupported unit of measurement!") print("Supported units:\ninch, centimeter") continue #return to start of while loop except: print("\nERROR invalid format!") print("Please provide measurement and unit of measurement") continue #return to start of while loop def get_input(): # h is the measurement returned, u is unit or 'centimeter' for this snippet h,u = convert("Enter the height of your cylinder: ") return("%s %s"% (h,u)) if __name__ == '__main__': print(get_input()) I've provided a measurement converter that standardizes valid input into centimeters(RedEx challenge is to change the dictionary lists to a regex string that can be used in place and still support multiple input values. ;-P) 1. I'd suggest finding a text editor that supports regex replace (or search) and just brute force it. regex documentation is far from intuitive and it's really a pain to learn through code. the text editor will give live highlighting and let's you know what concept you're understanding and where the gaps are. 2. No solutions just a non regex snippet to help you on your project. repost your code if you end up getting the challenge done
  12. Do you believe quantum computing would invalidate the benefits of compilations greater one-to-one correspondence. since in it's very nature true quantum is one-to-infinite. So wouldn't a step-by-step process flow be more beneficial since the solution would be found on the first evaluation regardless of the possibilities? another analogy. I feel like in a true non pseudo quantum computer running interpreted code would be like throwing a dart blind folded and always hitting your target where running through a compiler would require you to grab the dart and then throw the dart always hitting your target. So wouldn't compilers be invalidated since they simply create an additional step in a quantum setup? Please expand on why that makes no sense. Keep in mind quantum computers don't truly exist yet so this is all theoretical. I'd like to hear your view on this though. Have I misunderstood something along the way?
  13. On a quantum computer would an interpreted language be faster than a compiled language? I feel like an interpreted language would be able to make more use of the quantum computer. My assumptive theoretical reasoning explained in an analogy: I feel the compiled language would be like a car that can only drive on a road where an interpreted language would act as a drone and be able to fly over the roads, fields, or trees. What do you think?