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  1. Contacts on the cables was my first thought, but all of the I/O is attached directly to the board.
  2. Before I get the "get a PC" comment this isn't even my computer. I recently upgraded my coworker's 2017 iMac's RAM and changed that awful fusion drive to an SSD. The replacement went smoothly and his time machine got him up and running again. The problem we are at now is that ONLY his thunderbolt 3 ports stopped working. He uses it for a second monitor (that worked before the upgrade), however other devices also have stopped working. We've used other computers to troubleshoot the monitor and other devices so it is safe to say it is the iMac. Anyone have any idea what's going on??
  3. Update and end of this thread: It was a bad motherboard. Swapped it out for a motherboard that my brother bought and it works like a charm. Thanks for your help!
  4. I’ve cleared the CMOS and am still having issues. I’ll have to wait two more weeks to get paid and try a new CPU.
  5. In the hours I've been at this today, I've tried reseating my CPU, and I still get the two debug lights. My system was working long enough to update some drivers, but has since continued the problem.
  6. Update: I was able to get through the Windows install, however I am still experiencing random restarts followed by the CPU debug light.
  7. I just finished putting together a system with the following specs: Ryzen 3600 MSI b550 pro wifi 16gb gskill 3200 ripjaws 1tb wd blue ssd Zotac 1660 Thermaltake smart 700 I am able to boot into BIOS just fine and stay there forever, but as soon as I try the windows installer I make it about 10 seconds before it shuts off and my motherboard's CPU debug LED turns on, then that turns off and my VGA LED turns on.
  8. I need some help. I work for a school district doing videography when all of the sudden, my desktop decided to stop working properly (I knew the problem was the gpu, but IT just wouldn't listen to me). I'm looking for a prebuilt rig that will have no issues pushing monitors, or editing with Adobe CC (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition mostly). I know there are great ones out there, just wondering if anyone has any input. Thanks!