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  1. I posted another thread about it (I didn't realize this thread already existed, my bad) with screenshots and a bit more information. I kept the security and protection of forum members in mind and was careful not to reveal any malicious URLs.
  2. It looks like there's a phishing expedition using LTT's name. To mask the sender's identity, it looks like they used Google Photos so that it would be sent via an "@google.com" address, but their account has the LTT logo and name. It doesn't seem like something you guys would be doing, and I haven't seen it mentioned in any recent videos, and at no point does it link to any official LTT domains. Based on the email address to which this was sent, I'm confident that they targeted me based on activity on YouTube (not the forums, Floatplane, Discord, Reddit, etc.). Here's a screenshot of the email I received. I've censored my email address and the sender's address except the domain. The reason I'm censoring the sender's address is because I don't want users on the forum to try emailing the sender and inadvertently getting themselves targeted for future phishing attempts. Here's a screenshot of the Google Photos page. I've censored all avatars to protect users privacy. I've also censored the URL so that users here on the forum don't try to visit it: I'm not super active on YouTube, so maybe this is common and everyone is wise to it. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a thread just in case this is new and people need to be made aware of it so they don't fall for it.
  3. s2Bj6wC

    LTX Tech-Conival


    Did the more expensive tickets sell out? I only see the $15 tickets available now. I thought there had been like 3-4 different price points for the tickets. I was considering buying a couple of the $100+ tickets and giving them away in the forum.
  4. This monitor is getting shit on by other reviewers, mostly because of its awful ghosting, but also because of the instability of its stand. One reviewer said that just normal typing on his mechanical keyboard would cause the monitor to wobble. I wish LTT would have at the very least mentioned the ghosting problem. That seems to be a universally agreed upon issue with this monitor. This got me on the hunt for an alternative, though, and I've discovered there's a slew of Korean monitors that come in cheaper (though not curved) with very few compromises.