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  1. I've connected it directly and now I can see this data
  2. I used SATA to USB adapter to connect it
  3. Seems like SMART is unavailable
  4. @Electronics Wizardy @Windows7ge Thank you for your help, I've managed to save all of my most important files, and my memes folder, using the R-Studio demo version. Now that my files are safe, is there something I can do to make my SSD usable again? Should I format it and then try to install WIndows on it?
  5. I used dd rescue to create image and R-Studio to view them. R-Studio looks great and I can see all of my files. Unfortunately it is a paid product and PhotoRec extracts everything everywhere.Is there any other software that is free, and is able to extract these data while keeping the folder structure intact? Thank you for your help.
  6. I've tried using the software that you've recommended, but I'm not 100% sure if I used it correctly. I tried creating image of the disk, and it created the image.dd (72.5 GB, but the disk is 220 GB). In the process of creating that image it threw error and stopped creation And when I tried to open it it said: "Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged.".
  7. The data is not that important, it is as you said just inconvenient. What can I try to do next to save the data? If it is not possible to recover the data is it at least possible to make this SSD usable again, or do I have to buy a new one?
  8. I have tried using the external USB dock but it freezes the PC and I can't load anything
  9. I've tried to connect it to my brothers PC and my laptop and both times it just froze file explorer and Disk Management.
  10. Yes I did, I mentioned that
  11. The first thing I tried to do was make quick bootable USB with Ubuntu to try and recover my data, but it said that the drive is empty. Now it wont even boot from USB. I do have this SATA to USB adapter I will try to use it. ( AXAGON ADSA-1S6 USB3.0 - SATA HDD/SSD 2,5" drawer + Adapter ) Thank you for the idea.
  12. I've tried to put my SSD in my brothers computer, and it wouldn't boot. (I've selected his drive to boot from). When my drive was removed his PC would boot normally again. I don't know what to do. Should I try to format it and install fresh windows on it, or is there some other way to save the data.
  13. After 7 hours, this is the progress (image). Before I ran this repair I created bootable USB with Ubuntu and I tried opening this drive but it said that the folder is empty. Maybe it will work with windows. I'll try installing windows and recovering the data tomorrow. Thank you for your help
  14. Power went out and when I tried to turn it back on it wouldn't boot. I tried repairing it but as you can see in the image, it is stuck. Is there anything I can do to save my SSD or at least data on it. Thank you in advance
  15. Thank you very much, you've helped me a lot