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  • CPU
    i5 3570
  • Motherboard
    ECS H61M2-H2
  • RAM
    Kingston 12gb 1600mhz DDR3
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX2.0
  • Case
    Rakk Marug
  • Storage
    Micron 256Gb SSD, WD Scorpio Blue 640Gb
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    Aerocool Strike-X 500w 80+bronze
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    Samsung SA300
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    Cooler Master T2 Mini
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    Redragon K559 Varuna
  • Mouse
    Redragon M711 Cobra
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    generic 2.1 speakers / some cheap earphones
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. it could rip out the pci-e slot if its a heavy enough card.. by not screwing the back in, even though its a relatively light card, you can still strain the pci-e slot if you put force on the back where the i/o is which is where you usually jam your cables.it could also mess up some of the contacts in the slot which can cause some problems in the future
  2. Triventular

    How many of you use third-party antivirus?

    ye but back then i was using a laptop for school and important stuff, i mostly used my pc to game and it didnt really have anything much installed on it so i was fine with it being formatted when something serious happens.. now i just have clamwin (i know, im gonna change to something better) and windows defender since my library since then has grown and some of my save files are saved locally
  3. Triventular

    How many of you use third-party antivirus?

    the reason i don't use anti virus is because I used to have a very slow 5400rpm hard drive for my pc and having a system scan running in the background at times really causes everything to lag so i never bothered installing any and disabling windows defender. Tho after running with no anti virus for a few years.. it was fine for me. the moments i had a legit virus, i just end up reformatting my pc at the perfect time too
  4. oh okay i thought your problem was streaming and watching other streams.. Watching should not be very taxing on hardware.. i guess you already did the uninstall drivers and re-install so that's already ruled out.. and you stated that the cpu is on 55% which means its doing something. it couldn't possibly be overheating as fortnite is a relatively easy to run game.. im somewhat at a loss
  5. weird cuz I casually stream on an old i5 from ivy bridge and i can watch my own stream + other streams without losing much frames on my end on nvenc with a 970. are u using obs? if yes, what are the settings you are using? and can you monitor your cpu usage while streaming and watching at the same time?
  6. Triventular

    Windows Local Password

    no. everything is local. I might just end up doing a fresh install of windows.. because I havent found people online with the same problem as mine
  7. Triventular

    Windows Local Password

    So I have a problem with this pc where when i set the user password of the admin account to a new one, it changes but when i restart or sometimes just log out and log in again, it reverts back to the old password it has. I have tried changing the password from the ctrl + alt + delete > change a password, change the password from computer management, change the password from login, and nothing changes the password.. it just reverts back to the old password despite saying it was successfully changed. I changed the local user password with just the computer management way and it didnt present a problem. I made another local admin with another password i could never get wrong. When i tried to log into it, it says password is invalid. Again when i change the password on the 2nd account via the 3 ways stated above, despite saying successfully changed, the password is still wrong and wont let me into the other admin account. What can i do to fix this problem?
  8. LTT did a video before about this chinese motherboard that let you do just that but since people haven't heard much about it, i'm guessing its not that good of an idea to buy one.
  9. Triventular

    What free games do you play?

    something obscure like Burning Soulworker if anyone is interested in an anime stlye mmorpg.. and this is soulworker but a private version cuz its not available in my country. basically playing a korean game with japanese subs, hosted on a french server.. other than that i do apex legends with my friends.
  10. Triventular

    What would be the best way to get sims 2?

    if its that old, i'd probably find a physical copy but those can range from real cheap from people who want it out or real expensive from people thinking its still worth or even more than it originally cost.
  11. Triventular

    Where to find gta5 online for free?

    you'd pretty much have to buy it and have either what subscription on the console you'd be playing at.
  12. Triventular

    Recommend me some new gamepad

    its the same price as an xbox one controller cuz it is an xbox one controller.. I cant provide links cuz I dont know where you are from but the xbox 360 should look like this and cost cheaper than an xbox one controller
  13. Triventular

    Recommend me some new gamepad

    you can get the older one (xbox 360) for way cheaper than the xbox one controller
  14. Triventular

    Recommend me some new gamepad

    what xbox controller are you pointing at? anyways, the old one (xbox 360) can be found for real cheap, feel real good, and has vibration. You cnan spend some more for the wireless version but not sure how much that is right now.
  15. Triventular

    Help with 2 problems.

    is anything in your system overclocked? if so, try removing the overclocks and see if changes anything