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  1. I'm not really sure what cards are in question as ppl are asking from GTX 760 - 780. But in my point of view from purchasing stuff online in canada for Black friday. Places like NCIX/ CC/ Newegg, the prices tend to be decent like regular sales that occur once every 6 month pricing. The problem is cards like GTX 770 / 780 tend not to go on sale on these days because it's too " high end" it's reasonable they might take off MIR money so I could imagine GTX780 EVGA Super clocked edition regular sale 530 after MIR be like 510 after MIR. I would imagine cards like the GTX 760 drop 30 bucks and be very tempting to grab. They usually will have one to two "showcase" cards that have a decent price after MIR to buy on Black Friday usually the older generation. So expect AMD 7xxx type of cards like the 7970, 7850, etc. The best deals though tend to always be instore limited quantities. So for everyone that is hoping to buy overseas and ship it over to you... TOO BAD. Sorry. I wouldn't be surprised GTX 780 instore price for 1 particular brand/ model be like $460 after MIR. Usually it will be like a galaxy or a zotac because they tend to have more stock of it. But expect to wait in line for like 2-3 hours. So the savings is minimal you rather work for money instead of waiting unless you buying like 10 discounted items. I recall last year I only picked up some decent harddrives/ NHD14 heat sinks/ cherry black switch kb from NCIX. TIger direct had the best instore deal of $50 OCZ 128gb vertex 3 drives and $150 dollars for a i5 3570k which I also picked up.
  2. TBH I'm pretty sure all of this leaked information is intentional by AMD, one number to create buzz, the timing is impeccable. They basically want people to hold off and save their money and give AMD 5 months to make these cards. They are trying to stop Nvidia 7 series sales because they are no where ready on the production of these cards to market. Interesting counter attack by AMD, Nvidia should have done the same thing for GTX 680 and promise for crazy benchmarks to stop ppl from buying HD 7970 when it was released so much earlier than the 6 series.
  3. Well when you are talking about multi-card setups, it's mostly has to do with software implementations. The scaling on 7970 might not be as good as GTX 770, will have to wait for real benchmarks to confirm. Maybe 7970 x 2 = 175% , while GTX 770 x 2 = 185%
  4. Not saying they shouldn't make it casual friendly, because that's where the money is at. I would waste money making a new MMO recapture that MMO market easily with just the blizzard name behind it. no matter if there was only 100 000 players playing the game that is $15 monthly sub fee. That's pretty steady income. They make hand over fist of money on subscription based just to keep up some servers, deal with GM tickets and provide patches every 6 months with some content. It's way more money than making games like SC 2 and Wc 3/4
  5. I actually think you are thinking of it all wrong, we are talking about the best / top of the line cards. You are expected to pay a premium on them. IT IS A LUXURY good. There is no such thing as scaling bang for buck when we talking about highest / best of the line cards. Currently and always if there is competition in the GPU market all prices are BASED on performance. X card performs better than Y card, therefore Y is more expensive. There is a reason why AMD 7970 was forced to become cheaper than GTX 680, because it's an inferior card. Consumers realize this, if ever CARD A ($150) performs worst than CARD B at ($100), Card A won't get any sales and force to become cheaper like $75. There are a lot of market segments AMD and Nvidia try and hit. You can't move up the ladder / tier of cards and expect performance per dollar ratio to get better, it only does that up till mid- range cards like GTX 660ti, then the ratio drops as it reaches highest tiers. it's a negative parabola shaped graph. Titan is on it's own segment of expensive as he11, because it can be currently top of the line, low power/ heat and no competition in that segment. I would say the GTX 780 is better than the GTX 680 by 20-25% and better than HD 7970 by a larger margin like 28-31%. Especially in 1440P resolution where you see stuff like 35-40% differences, which is the appropriate benchmarks because you buying top of the line card, you better be not playing at 1080P would be a waste of the card. I'm not sure why you are arguing at launch prices of AMD 7970 vs GTX 580 when they don't even belong in the same generation so the price of GTX 580 didn't reflect the competition of HD 7970 you need some time for the market to adjust. Also I can just argue GTX 680 at $500 dollars at launch while HD 7970 was $550. GTX 680 was 10% cheaper but like 20% better (can't remember how bad AMD was (% is off) but you get my point. Your mind should be blown. CHEAPER card and even better performance. I didn't go around forums calling out AMD being overpriced POS that makes GTX 680 look awesome (Cuz it really did, I wanted a GTX 680 so bad). AMD finally got some sick patches and price drops + bundles + Ghz edition to combat GTX 680 performance. I'm not a fan boy of any of this, just roll with the benchmarks, I'll be glad if HD8970 is 35% better than 7970 because it will mean competition for the GTX 780 and drop prices because both nvidia and AMD got to be honest about pricing. Maybe AMD will put what Nvidia did to them last gen and price their HD8970 at like $600 and force the GTX 780 to be around the $550. Then I can snag 2 GTX 780s, that new feature to record game footage is spiked my interest alot, hopefully the software will mature by then and be able to record full time and replace encoding cards like the avermedia HD gamer live capture card that I want to buy ($180).
  6. Doesn't this just prove my point companies don't care about performance/ $, your buying flag ship cards, it's all driven my performance and competition, the only thing that GTX 780 competes with is GTX titan, so Bam your getting great performance/$ compared to TITAN it's all relative. If you want value orientated cards, then go for the mid tier 7950/7870 or GTX 660. Their performance per dollar will always destroy flagship top of the line cards. There is a reason they are there in the line-up. Are the consumers just spoiled at a 400 dollar flag ship card? If so, then I hope AMD and Nvidia catches on to this trend and cooperate with each other, make mid -tier cards like GTX 760 and HD 8850 and just named them the flag ship name and call it a day, because there will be so much profit and no need to drive for innovation. Pretty sure the GTX 680 was suppose to be a 670, but after looking at the AMD competition of their flag ship for $550 was a joke, they decided to name their card the flag ship nvidia.
  7. Not sure why people are hating on the GTX 780 pricing, its always the same, based on performance, if I remember correctly 7970 released with a price of 550-600 range for months before the GTX 680 came out and it was better performance than the HD 7970 at $500. This cause AMD to be like WTF we got to sell our 7970 at a lower price because no one in their right mind would pay 50-100 more for a crappier performing GPU. So it force AMD to do alot of price drops on the HD7970 to make it more attractive they even implemented the never settle packs to gain more market share as a better bang for your buck approach which I love. COMPETITION is amazing for consumers. Just got to remember, any business will charge the most they can for any product they have. Not sure why these fan boys are praising for either company, because if either of them wasn't there anymore your beloved AMD/Nvidia would take you the cleaners with no hesitation.
  8. Not sure why ppl are hating them for delaying a game they never even really announced an official release date for. I don't agree with what the OP said it's because of the whole WOW decline, that should motivate the company to push out a new MMO to recapture the market and get back the titan hold they have on the MMO genre. Personally I don't really care about the game, I was a hardcore WOW player for many years up till like a year -2 ago.That game always pulls me back. The game got way too casual friendly, I remember at lvl 60 I was fully decked out in Tier 2.5 epics while the average player on the server would be in tier 0.5 blue set. (rofl two shot-ing kids). Titan's lore is too weird for me, but I hope they do something innovative with the MMO scene as everything seems like WOW clones and been very boring. I do find wow evolved their boss fights to be way more fun and engaging versus other mmo's which are still learning how to do it well.
  9. Visit the Typing Test and try! Really weird style with the random 1 word at a time and that doesn't make any sense type of sentences. I tend to be quite perfect, like I know when I mis-click instantly will backspace. But my time isn't really good. But I'm a solid 70, My best days when I'm typing out words that I know how to spell instantly 92ish. Yes, I have poor spelling issues. (That's what I get for not reading books at all) ( Damn you spark notes)
  10. I would keep an eye out for the original standard razer black widows, I picked mine up for $45 bucks. Not sure if stores even sell it anymore now that there is 2013 version. The CM storms I find always have a heafty MIR to get them to the low 60-70 price range. http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_273_274&item_id=035381 I saw the standard 2013 one on sale for $70 3 weeks ago, which isn;t that bad cuz it got cool audio inputs and green leds.
  11. Personally I don't think its comparable at all a socket 2011 versus lga 1155. I 2011 build is like twice the cost in terms of mobo/ cpu/ ram. I don't think you getting a socket 2011 for $300. Only like the 3820 is on sale for 320. The next step is like $550 just for the CPU. So most likely they will follow the same pricing scheme for Ivy-E Cost aside basically ask yourself are you a power user that requires extra cores/ quad channel ram and like alot of expansion slots. In terms of getting outdated, ivy-e is probably be the last gen for socket 2011 I think with haswell -e will be on a new platform most likely be next year, I assume the performance is like 10-15% better than sandy-E for ivy-E. Pretty sure no one will upgrade from sandy-E to ivy, unless they got money to burn. If you want to compare IVY to IVY- E of course IVY -E is better. But I think if you compare Haswell to ivy -e then they will trade on certain aspects depending what you are looking for. Are you a hardcore power user or will a Haswell i7 do everything you need for 60% of the cost of a 2011. Also these are all assumptions as ivy-e isn't out yet and most likely release in Q3 I think this year.
  12. Hehe I would give TD the benefit of the doubt because GTX 460 was a wacky card, there were so many inferior remakes piggy backing on the name GTX 460. Got the 768mb versions versus 1gb, got all the overclock versions and also there was the whole Second edition versions that were a lot crappier than first gen. But my general rule of thumb know the prices, just buy from any store as long as you getting the best deals, I do hate TD Rebates, but pretty sure everyone hates rebates. I do spend most of my money at NCIX because of Price matching and their stock tends to be better since they can ship from their warehouse to the store pretty fast compared to CC. But I spend mostly on sales like black friday, grand openings and random sales they have. Like CC I spent like 400 3 weeks ago on some spring sale, like 24 inch benq for 110 or the samsung 840 pro 128gb for 120. But definitely TD had the best deal last year when I got the ocz 120gb ssd for 50 bucks and a intel i5 3570k for 150. Moral of the story, have no loyalty to any vendors, PRICES decide where I shop.
  13. you don't need to pay extra for the Samsung cloning software, you can either get it online or off the CD that is included with your SSD. You have to pay more for the version that has like the upgrade kit that has like bracket+ sata/power cable / USB. I just did that for my cousin 2 weeks ago with the 128gb Pro version. Not hard at all. Just make sure your original hard drive takes up less space than the capacity of the SSD
  14. I wish my HAF XB was abit shorter, Not sure how they would do it, but I REALLY love the hot swap bay/ tray the HAF Xb has. Love the new style they have for the HDD tray, alot better than the previous gen design. I want a new full tower HAF case with those bays and like allow for 5-6 2.5 in a special corner like the HAF XB.
  15. Well do you still owe them that money? If so, makes sense to me, you aren't financially as stable to get to the 700. Gaining debt should slow down your credit score growth I think. I'm no expert because I hardly ever borrow money, I did however borrowed 20k last year from my parents to pay off my school loans so I wouldn't accumulate interest, but I already paid it back this year from working.