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    AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X
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    Gigabye X570 AORUS PRO WIFI
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    2 x 16GB Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz
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    ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Twin Fan
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  1. With my country's climate, I can run it at 4.6Ghz but it is uncomfortably warm. This is already on Phantek TC-14PE. The reason I mentioned the exploits is because to fix it, Intel had to resort to firmware updates that actually reduce the performance of the chip. At least that is what I've read. Phantek's support in my country is also abysmal so I would rather sell that off and get another cooler. Thanks for your thoughts. I may stay on this platform for another gen.
  2. Should the GPU and monitor leaves with a 3700x or can the 4790k (4.4Ghz) still keep up on modern games? This is a purely gaming PC. Primarily Apex Legends but I do play other triple AAA titles and I hate turning graphics down. I'm currently hitting 70-85 fps on Apex but i feel that I should be able to hit 100 fps on a 2080ti and 3440*1440. The only reason I'm not going Intel is the price/perf and the unsettling future that whatever exploit can further cripple the chip. The only chip that resilient to that right now AFAIK is the 9900KS and that chip is waaaaayy over the budget. You can try to convince me otherwise on this. One upside of going Intel is I'll have a beefy cooler from the get go from my 4790k whereas if I go AMD, i'm stuck with the wraith cooler for a while until my budget replenishes. Should I just wait for zen 3 or 10900k? Will any of these comes with DDR5?
  3. Apps usually have their own language settings like in Office, you'll need to setup the dictionary language independent of the OS language. What app is this Messenger?
  4. Nvidia has better tie ins with game devs. Not to mention that majority of the consumer run Nvidia chips so it made sense for dev to optimize team green over team red. Contrary to popular belief, nvidia still optimizes drivers for their old cards. It is just that there's only so much you can extract from card after optimizing it for like 2 years or so AMD on the other hand just have not enough resource to send their engineer to every game dev to help them optimize, let alone getting the devs to optimize their games for AMD in the first place.
  5. Have you tried contacting their support? The online chat is extremely quick and have better chances at fixing it than this forum.
  6. I though of that, but that upgrade path is harder for me as I need to source a new psu (an old corsair 650w probably still can actually), raid card and case. The current nas also serves as my htpc so I can't really get a server rack/gigantic case lol. I actually need to sell those old drives to get the extra drives. A little bit short of cash but storage is getting full lol.
  7. Hi guys, I'm planning to upgrade my current NAS by swapping out the current RAID (4*4TB i think?) and installing new RAID (hopefully 5*10TB). Which option would you guys recommend for setting up an online backup for the current setting>swap out disks and stuf>download the back up again? I may not be able to acquire all the drives at once so I'd have to rely on the online backup until the raid is full in case of any failures. Meaning after i removed the 4*4 raid, I will only use 1 10tb drive and add them as I go along this year. I'm more inclined to carbonite as it seems to have a better restoring tool rather than backblaze's zip file. Open to other *cheap* suggestions as well.
  8. if it is dusty, just use cloth. Don't need to dampen up the cloth as it will spread the dirt even more. Mild soapy water will do for the drink stains and only do it on the stains. All from experience only though. Not a professional pc detailer (if such thing exists lol)
  9. http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/search/applicationrecordsearch?term=highest+altitude+lan+party+on+land&contentType=record It's not really that hard lol
  10. Coming from Razer Lycosa>K95 red/quickfire tk blue, really depends on how will you be double tapping it. If you are mashing it and bottoming out the keys, both reds and blues will be equally fast. Both will feel allot better than membrane where the actuation point is kinda depends on the condition of the membrane and not consistent. If you only push it to reach activation point, blue might be faster as you'll know when exactly to lift off and press again. But this requires some getting used to. I've had my mech keyboards for like 4 years now and I still bottom out when I game. Once you've mastered the travel distance on blues, you can apply it to other switch type as well. All is said and done, I prefer reds for all scenarios. Using the red for home and blue for office.
  11. Maximus 7 ranger should have the boot code on LED display. Can you tell us where it usually stops? Are you using some sort of cable extension for the PSU? I had similar issue where my NZXT cable went bad and it was very difficult to start it up. One of the mobo pins are not not connected properly.
  12. Yeah I agree to this. Default bios and fresh format windows (not restore/install on top of current windows).I've never seen a GPU install that wrecks everything else unless it was improperly installed (eg: bent casing causing the gpu pins not making proper contact to the mobo) You can lie the case horizontally and unscrew the gpu pci-e so that it doesn't flex the the mobo/gpu.
  13. HDR is when your monitor can adjust the brightness of an specific part of the image to bring out the details in the image. Say a scene in Life of Pi where the water is bright and the sky is dark. Using HDR information, the monitor can increase the brightness/contrast in the dark sky so you can see more details of the stars and stuff while still maintaining the brightness/contrast of the water so it wont wash out the colours. For this to work, the whole chain must be HDR ready. From the content,to the gpu, to the monitor must support it. AFAIK, only the new gen gpu (10xx) supports it and I haven't heard of any monitor in production that supports HDR. HDR support cannot be patched in via firmware update because it requires the monitor to have some sort of localized back-lighting. Hope this helps
  14. Depending where you are from, you could try to find refurbs of the Acer X34 for around 700~900 usd. No compromises. But if that's not an option, you can have a look at the Acer Z35 mentioned. I'll sacrifice resolution over G-SYNC+ultrawide any day.
  15. Spoilt

    VPN for Gaming

    AFAIK, VPN traffic is a pretty high priority and is routed differently for ISP compared to gaming traffic. So VPN for gaming is mainly to reduce latency when playing in a foreign server. People in SEA last time will almost always play WoW through some sort of VPN to reduce the latency. Basically it reduces the ping from 600~1000ms down to a more constant 200~300ms range when playing on US servers. It also circumvent any throttling/bottleneck that the ISP impose. When I get high pings on overwatch (300ms on SG server while in playing in Malaysia) I would've used a VPN (Battleping) to get it down to around 50