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  1. So hard to find a top 5 list of the best graphics card no matter the price. I get the value side - put a ratio in or something...and tell me that i am paying a hundred grand for 0.02% extra performance, but don't act like it doesn't even exist
  2. lol at some of the comments Property value will get the goodnews being close to an incinerator, no matter how clean it is. Demand dictates property value. Who would want to buy in such an area? I guess my point is, as a resident of the area, you don't need scientific studies to be opposed to this wish you luck
  3. Must say, I have never considered buying one so much Guess when you have an awesome product, half of the job is getting it on peoples minds
  4. Yes, as a one-poster myself I have thought of this also. Though I have been watching Linus for the past year or three I hadnt signed up to this forum - mainly as i have not signed up to a new forum for years.. Ultimately I think I will be spending time here but it would be interesting to know how many one posters are still around in a year or so On a side note I was thinking about the selection process for the two winners - Say you've selected the Sleath winner, what happens if a post asking for the stealth is selected again? Do they 'spin' again? Guess i thought it was just interesting to think about