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    I Have Jumped out of planes,Rappelled out of Helos , Dove 300 feet deep, I've done photography, I am a numismatist, and I enjoy about everything I do.
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    I am probably older than almost everyones parents here. Been Married but not to my daughters mother. Spent 7 years of active service in the Marine Corps. Worked for a major aircraft company on multi million dollar aircraft. Bartended on and off for 25 years.. Cooked in some great kitchens. Contracted to build homes, restaurants, additions and remodel whatever needed to be done.
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  1. Yes it's common knowledge that hillery started that birther drama so try again. and while trump is a piece of shit you have to really hate America to support the piece of shit you guys have representing you.
  2. I was living in Kendal when Andrew showed her hiney... Fun Times.
  3. Adolf Hitler advocated that the party should change its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler, therefore redefined socialism by placing the word "National" before it. He claimed he was only in favour of equality for those who had "German blood". Jews and other "aliens" would lose their rights of citizenship, and immigration of non-Germans should be brought to an end. In April 1920, the German Workers Party became the NSDAP. Hitler became chairman of the new party and Karl Harrer was given the honorary title, Reich Chairman. http://spartacus-educational
  4. I guess the love affair between joe Kennedy and Adolph was a figment as well. You leftist guys just can't accept that you have been on the side of genocide and murder through your willful ignorance. Oh and it took Ronnie a long time to figure out that the left and the unions were enemies to all free thinkers. Hitler didn't like communism that's why he abolished the unions ... The communists tried to take from his pool of left wing nut jobs. Your lack of actual knowledge is understandable, It's just not an excuse or a free ride.
  5. You would be doing yourseld a disservice to try to get the same costs as the VA. The VA only uses Generic meds. It took Years to get us the Hep C pill to cure Hep C. Literally 3 to 4 years. It cost the VA $50.00 a pill while the government sold them to foreign nations for less than $9.00.. I went through some crap because the meds I took for my pericarditis cost $9.00 each. It had to be approved by 2 doctors and a pharmacist.
  6. sorry dude I don't think you or they have a clue as to what Russia and China spend and you and they never will.
  7. Wow ... That's some really out there source donations from the pgp group Altarum Institute - $35,000 American Enterprise Institute - $200,000 Center for Practical Bioethics (AKA Coalition to Transform Advanced Care) - $250,000 Clinton Global Initiative - $750,000 Committee for Economic Development - $250,000 Concord Coalition - Approx. $1.3 million Corporation for the Advancement of Policy Evaluation/Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) - $35,000 Fund for Public Advocacy - $50,000 American Enterprise Institute - $200